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Bonjour, c'est le coude de la thermoformeuse, la jonction collerette coude qui n'est pas bonne dans la modélisation.

Greetings, I recently bought your design. I have a question. I understand that I cannot do it with the PLA filament since it cannot be exposed to the sun and this item or model will be partially in the sun.
What material do you recommend to print it that can withstand higher temperatures?

Honestly, a lot of people print them in petg or abs. But many others print them in PLA+ (like me) and from what i see its totally fine.

Birdhouses should never be placed in hot direct sun. Most birds like shady areas, with direct sun only in the morning when the temperature is cooler. So the correct orientation is often north/east for the entrance, and in a shady area like a tree with nice foliage or on a fence near some trees.

With that being said, i have tested 5 birdhouses here over the two last years. All in pla+. We have harsh winters here and real hot summers, so i am pretty confident of my tests.

The designs of my birdhouses provide thick walls and the assembly itself is really strong the way it is designed and the way the parts interlock together.

I had no cracking or breaking parts over those years, and only one of them showed a noticeable discoloration on one of its parts. So i would say pla+ is a nice choice too if you want to use this material.

if you want your prints to be bullet proof, go with petg or abs, the one you are most comfortable with.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Have a nice day !


I understood perfectly the house I will put it under a tree, but in the morning it will receive a little sun for a couple of hours a day.

Thanks for your help

Greetings, I recently bought your design. I have a question. I understand that I cannot do it with the PLA filament since it cannot be exposed to the sun and this item or model will be partially in the sun.
What material do you recommend to print it that can withstand higher temperatures?

Can this model be printed in a Ender 3 V2. Printing area is 220 x 220 x 250 mm.

Hi my friend,

Because its a general inbox here, i cannot see which design you are talking about unfortunately. Can you tell me which one it is?
Just a quick note: All of my design are printables on an regular bed (Ender 3 or Prusa mk3s). BUT, some design need to configure the ender bed to 235mmx235mm.

In case you didnt know, the real size of an ender 3 bed is 235mmx235mm. It is possible to use the full bed very easily, there's a lot of tutorials on the web that shows how to do it. If you would like a reference link, just tell me and i will give you one. 😉

In the meantime, i will wait for your answer, and i will tell you if you need to make the change (bed size) or not!

Bonjour, problème de modélisation pour le coude d'aspiration. Diamètre intérieur de la collerette ne correspond pas au diamètre extérieur du coude et provoque une fragilité à l'impression.

J'aurais besoin de savoir de quel design il est question. Ici malheureusement c'est une boîte de messages générale et on ne voit pas de quel design il s'agit. 😣

Hi. I have a problem with the watch mechanism - does it have a name? For example 6168S... Thank you for your help. (MID CENTURY MODERN RETRO CLOCK)

Thank you for the "US" version. Do you have any packages of files ( maybe I missed them) we can buy/
Thanks again, AL I am located in Califorina..

OOps, just replied to your previous message but didnt see this one! 😊 The only thing i have as a package, is my Patreon. By joining my Patreon, you'll have access to all my files as soon as you join for one unique price, and you have the right to sell your 3d prints of my work on an etsy boutique or any other platform. Files here on cults are for personal purposes only, no commercial license. If you are interested, the link is that the top of every design available here. 🙂

Thanks, great design

Thank you! 🙂 In case you missed it; Update top added to the picnic table files, with larger holes for US bottles. ;)

Just printed your file "picnic table", After where did you find the small "trio pack from Heinz (375ml rectangular bottles) and 3 bottles "? You have a link?
Thanks, AL

Hi my friend! Its this trio pack, ( but Someone brought to my attention that the US trio picnic pack is different in sizes. So instead of buying them in a trio pack in the us, you can buy any 12oz or 13oz bottles separately of the product of your choice, they should fit in the hole, most of them are rectangular. The ones in the HEINZ US picnic pack are much bigger.

I love you phone holder and have printed 2 of them! One of my all time favorite modles but I wanted to know how you were able to make the top of yours close? The top part where the phone holder opens up is flush in your pictures but the 2 I printed stick out a bit and are not flush. Still great print and I did follow your guide but still wasn't sure how you did it

Hello Ryzaki!
Which one? Is it the swiss army knife? Because its a general message box here, and i cannot see which design you are having a problem with.

Yes swiss army knife v2 and sorry should gave been more specific on which print

No problem my friend! 😉 So i guess its the two little tabs that are causing problem? They don't sit in their respective cutouts? Is that right? If so, its probably just a bit of over-extrusion. One of my patron had the same problem and it was over-extrusion. They sit in their cutouts in a really snug manner, to prevent the "pocket knife" from opening in your bag/pocket. Try printing them with a bit less of flow, or look at your Z offset if you can raise it just a bit. Also, if you used a brim, maybe its a tiny part of the brim still in place that can cause this. If your still having problems, send me a message and i will make some test for you. 😉

hi i would like to print the picnic table with a ender3 s1. when i bought it it show i can only print220mm how i can change that? do i need a diffrent bed then the original one? tia

Hello Johanie!

I will help you with pleasure! 🙂

It is well explain here in this tutorial:

You can also have a look at Chep video, which is almost the same, except for the fact that Chep is only explaining how to remove the gray areas. For optimizing the bed to 235x235, you will need to do the last step in the tutorial above, which is to change the bed size in the slicer to 235x235mm.

Chep's video:

If you're having trouble or you have questions, feel free to send me a message again! I will try to help you as much as i can!

Have a nice day!


Thank you I need to order The Bambo ;) I hope I get it for my birthday may 25 70 years old then I deserve a Bambo right ;) lol

Hi, wäre das nicht das TOP design für den laufenden Designwettbewerb für Phone- und Handystand??

Hi there All the white on the roof is missing :( Please let me have thm to. I am almost finish printing the cute little bird house

Hello my friend!
Just have a look at the instruction on the download page, i am explaining that for this one, the white dots need to be painted. Or printed with an AMS. Making indentations and separate white spots would have given a much too thick top du to the shape of the top. So for this birdhouse only, the dots needs to be painted with acrylic paint. I you have any other questions, just ask! I will try to help you as much as i can! 🙂Have a nice day! ☀️

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Hello PA1!

I subscribed to your YouTube channel, great videos! I am majoring in mechatronics in college; and I think you are an inspiration also great at what you do. I really enjoy your designs. What software do you suggest I use so I can start making my own?

Hola! Quiero hacer la compra pero no me toma el pago

Es ist eine sehr gute Idee, es gibt aber auch Fehler, sehr schade.

Would like more info on what your are talking about. I can't see here which model you are refering too, so i cannot see what you mean... Never any comments like yours, so feel free to explain a little bit more, would be helpful. Thanks 🙂

I could not find it in the PDF attached. It is the THE BARN! - CUTE RUSTIC BIRDHOUSE.

the instructions are the jpg pictures called "ins001, ins001b" etc. 😉

Merci Pascal, je ne pouvais pas passer à côté de cette boîte de rangement Toon Style 🤩
Je vais l'offrir à notre amie commune Alex de Moliets, je suis sûr qu'elle va l'adorer 😍

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Ça me fait plaisir! 😉Tu me diras comment Alex l'a aimé! 😜

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Elle était folle de joie quand je lui ai offert le fichier et elle va prendre beaucoup de plaisir à l'imprimer je pense 😃

Hi, for the "CAR WASH DIORAMA" there doesn't seem to be any instructions included in the .zip file, but the description mentions them.

Hi my friend.
in the zip file, there's a folder called instructions with exploded views (jpg) called "step1, step2" etc.

Hello my friend. I just realized that this model was uploaded like my older models. The instructions are not in the zip files, they are in the pictures on the download page. If you scroll through the pictures on the download page, you will find the exploded views at the end. Sorry for that, i will update the zip file as soon as i have some time and include the instructions inside the zip. Thanks for notifying me!

I can't believe I missed those, thanks for clarifying!

Hello, i just bought recently the kinder airplane toy.
I thought i could print the wheels of the plane in a different color.
I am not able to print multi color.
Can you make those changes?
Thank you

Hi my friend!
You don't need a multicolor printer to do this. You only need to do a filament change with a pause at height, which can be done on any printer. 😉 You will love this function and it will change your 3d printing game for sure. I am giving you a link where its explain very well. I used the same procedure to make some lines on the airplane body. Here's the link:

If you are on PrusaSlicer, just tell me, and i will give you an equivalent link.

No i dont love that feature. It requires to be around the printer.

I was wondering what length screws I would need. I see they are either M4 or M5 depending on size of bird house.

Hello my friend.
Because its a generic message box, i cannot see which model you are talking about. If you can tell me which birdhouse you are talking about, i will give you the info with pleasure! Also, its probably written in the instructions, on the birdhouse download page. Usually (sometimes i may forgot) i include the description of the necessary hardware there.

Hey, my name is Chris, and i found your VAN on Thingyverse, but the Link to your Cults Account was broken, because you changed your name, i guess.

What i wanted to say:

I realy like the Set of the lowrider pickup hotrod, the camper, and the lowrider van with the Trailer and the mower.

In the pictures of the mower you said, that the tow-trailer is still WIP, ... i wanted to ask, if it's done by now, because i would love to buy the files.

Your Work in General is realy awesome. When i got my 3d printer i could have never guessed, that i want to print a birdfeeder so bad :-D
Also your whole Hotwheels/Diorama stuff looks so good. I will definitely buy a few things! When my current project is done.

Thank you for your awesome work!