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Thanks for the fantastic Jules Verne Train model, great work.
I've already purchased it and I was wondering if there is any chance you could release an STP or similar file so I can make some minor edits in CAD?


Hi, firstly, thank you! Sorry, but I use Blender, so there are no STP/STEP files. I also don't share my original work files.

Hi! I purchased and downloaded your amazing Terminator T800 skull, and have started printing some of the parts. Question though, I see the list of things to buy in addition in your PDF, but do you have a suggestion on where to purchase these things or maybe have any links to where you purchased yours? That would be a big help, thank you!

Hi. I don't know how much it would help you because I'm located in Germany. But basically all the stuff is just from eBay or Amazon. Just search on these sites for the parts and you should find them.

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Thank you, I believe I have sourced all the parts listed in the PDF. However could you help clear up some confusion for me please? On page 31 there is an image of one of the skull parts and a bunch of wires, some connected to what looks to be a small board. What is this board and is it necessary? How is it connected and to what? I see it again on page 35 as well. And then on page 36 I see what looks to be a larger PCB board that is much larger than an Arduino Nano, plus a small strip of a wire breadboard above that. And lastly, there is a mention of a switch, assuming that is a power on/off switch. Do you usually just cut a hole in the base appropriate to whatever type of switch we get or do you route it to a specific area?
Thank you!

Hi. Sure!
No, you don't need the board. It is just a small PCB that I used to be able to unplug the parts. But you can just solder your stuff together.
You are right. That is an Arduino Uno. Reason is that I forgot to take some pictures and asked a friend of mine who build the skull as a beta tester if you will, and he used a Uno instead of a Nano.
And what you see above is a part of a breadboard he used to organize his wires. That is also not necessary for the build.
I just make a hole with a hot screwdriver depending on the switch I have. Cutting holes with PLA is a pain...

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Thank you for the clarification! But yes, I thank you for that! I look forward to finishing this build and I'll be sure to share with you the result.
I think I'm going to use my soldering iron to get a hole cut out where I'm going to put the switch, hehe. I got one with those changeable tips that you can get like flat-ends on it, makes quick work of melting through a printed part to make a hole :)

hello sir, I purchased your file to make a T-800 last night and just have a quick question when it comes to the materials I have to buy. My question is about the cord with max 2.3mm diameter, is this referring to paracord or something like that or is it an electrical cord? Yours was bright green so i was looking for a match on Amazon but found nothing. Oh and one last question, what infill percent did you use on the skull pieces? Thank you so much for your time.

Hi. First of all, thank you! I just used some clothes line. You just need a cord that does not stretch too much. I don't know what infill I used, but I think 15% Is more than enough because the parts does not need too much strength.

Hola!! el ecto uno tiene llantas moviles es decir giran o son estaticas?

Hi! The wheels do not turn.

Bonjour j'ai vu passer votre t800 sur un groupe 3d de Facebook et je suis fan. J'avais acheté un fichier du t800 en entier sur cgtrader je comptais me faire un buste j'ai déjà imprimé la tête, vous pensez que je peux remplacer votre socle par le buste? Je dois réimprimer une tête ou celle que j'ai peux convenir ? Cordialement

The model is actually free. You can just download it. And yes, the cow is included.

Bonjour, pour le terminator je comprends pas qu'elle led faut acheter et les branchés sur quoi pour qu'il s'allume ?
Merci d'avance

I'm not sure how to help you here. Do you have any specific questions? All parts are described in the instructions. You can use a power bank with 5V and 2A to power the skull.

Désolé je me suis mal exprimé. Je voulais savoir ci vous pouvez envoyer les liens du matériel pour les lumières des yeux. J'ai peur de me tromper.

The LEDs are called ws2812b (you can just google for them). You can buy them as a strip. Just buy a small one because you need only two.

Ok je vais faire ça merci pour votre aide

BEWEGLICHER T-800 TERMINATOR-SCHÄDEL. Ich Bedanke mich sehr für deinen Tollen Terminator denn ich in meinem 1:1 3d Model mit einbauen kann.
mit freundlichen grüßen aus dem schönen Kärnten Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Thomas Pichler

Sehr gerne! Hoffe, du teilst ein Make. :) Danke schonmal!

Hello sir, sorry I don't have twitter. I am printing your model and loving it. I am doing one double size and regular. I am having problems printing the cabin. Is there any change of cutting into 5 pieces, Floor and 4 walls? I can print the sides in resin resin in FDM. That would be awesome. DO you have a facebook group or email?

Hi! You can use the free tool Meshmixer to cut models as you need them.

You can email me via

Hope to see your results! :)

je permets de vous contacter, mais j'ai un souci avec le transfert vers arduino, malheureusement je ne m'y connais pas assez .

Faut-il supprimer des ligne ou faire des modifications avant de faire le transfert?

Hi. No, you don't have to change anything. What error do you get? Have you added the FastLED library? Send me more information to please and I could help.

Good morning,

thank you very much, I just needed the library.

thanks again

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You're welcome.

Hi i would like to buy TERMINATOR model but EUR currency too high for Turkey can you make some special discount code or smth like that if is its possible? thank you.

Hi. The price is already discounted.

Hi, first I have to congratulate you for your job, this is A MA ZING!!! I bought your 3D file and I have a question, what brand of spray did you use for the chrome and gloss black painting?

Hi! Thank you! Just some generic brand from the hardware store. Noting special.

Thanks for the answer😉

Buenos días. Estoy viendo el tren. me parece maravilloso y me gustaría construirlo. Mi duda, antes de empezarlo, se puede imprimir con PLA, tengo la impresora Creatity S1 ?Muchas gracias

Hi. Yes, you can print it in pla.

About instruction: Droppbox says that file is deleted. Can you please update it?

On what model?

I fixed the link yesterday. Please try again.

Now everything is fine. Thank you.

I cleaned up my Dropbox and accidentally deleted the file. Thank you for making me aware! If you intend to build it, have fun and let me know if you have any issues. Cheers.

bonjour j ai réaliser le train en 2022 et j aimerai savoir quelle mise a jour on était appliquer au 12/02/2023 , cordialement.

Just added the instructions.

Hi - I recently downloaded and have all the parts printed. Just curious as to the size power supply you ended up using for the Terminator project. How large was it at 5V? Thanks.

Hi. I use 2A. (If you want to be safe, 3A should be enough.)

Quick follow up question about the rubber bands - I didn't see in the instructions how you connected these. Are these just in the neck only, meaning did you tie a knot at each end - one at the top vertebrae and the other in the bottom vertebrae before you glued it to the base? Everything else is coming together very nicely. Thanks.

Yes. I just used a piece of filament to hold it in place. Key is that if you turn the head, the vertebrae move in a nice motion.

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Bonjour ONEIMONSTR , je vous contacte pour savoir si vous avez un fichier détaillé pour tout ce qui est branchement concernant l'alimentation électrique car je suis novice dans la conception et je souhaiterais avoir le détail des branchements sur la carte car avec les schémas je ne comprends pas très bien, en tous les cas bravo pour votre réalisation et explications.
Merci d'avance de votre réponse.
Cordialement MR ROBERT MAIL

pardon j'ai oublier de préciser pour les branchements de ecto mobile SOS fantômes, merci d'avance

hola, te interesaria cambiar tu modelo de death stranding por uno de los mios?

Hi. I'm not sure what you mean.



Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Nope. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you, too.

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hi, i was wondering if you can make version where I could control head movement and eye movement with a small joystick.
I would need this for a movie project to use as practical efffect in 1:1 size.
would be this possible?

Hi. Sorry, but that is to much work from my side because i never did that and first need to figure out how to do it myself...

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