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Envío mis datos y no recibo los archivos

Intenté no me envían el archivo

Maybe if you have more procect from please let me know. Website already not sending link to download.
Thats my email . I'm waiting for puzzle chair :-)

ok let me know your email

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I've asked many people on the internet to share with this project but nobody can help me.

Is it possible for you to send me the stl file with puzzle chair project? It used to be possible to download it for free from the Internet, but it is no longer possible to download it from the website

tienes la silla puzzle ?

Hello, I'm interested in your work and I have a question for you. Our family owns a chateau in the Czech Republic and at the same time we are interested in 3D printing. We would like to have a 3D model of the castle created so that we can print it here. Could you tell us about how much it would cost you to make a model of our castle? Take a look at our website.
contact email:

We will not have a problem if you resell this model on your platforms.

Thank you so much for your reply and good luck!
Truhar Family