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Hey whats the full prize on the death stranding lamp?

Hello, I like your design of the Retro Cartridge Game Holder for Nintendo Switch - GameBoy Style. Can I 3Dprint and sell it locally? I will share your profile as a designer.


I purchased the retro nintendo cartridge holder, taking note of the dimensions in the description to make sure they fit my printer (150mm x 150mm flashforge adventurer 3). But upon downloading the model, it will not fit because the dimensions are double due to the way it prints-in-place. I would be grateful if there was an option to print each piece separately. Otherwise, I have no way for me to to print it, and I must request a refund. Thanks.

Yeah you can use white filament for them

Hi! Just a question about diffusors on odradek. Should I use white filament?

I would be glad if you also leave a like, thanks

Yes, please put in a credit and you‘re all set

hello, i like your design of the Happy Cloud Lamps . I was wondering if I can 3Dprint and sell it locally? i will share your profile as a designer!

What exact colors did you use to create your Zombie shotgun cup? thanks.

Hey there, you‘ll need the round ones.

Hi. I am planning on buying your design but I want to make sure I get the right magnets... Are the 8mm x 3mm magnets round or block ones? I see lots of them available online in different sizes and want to make sure I get the right now.