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I just bought a file from you on Cult 3D (Confirmation of your order • Number # 20952801): Minotaur with Axe 32mm or 75mm pre-supported.
The Chitubox software I print with does not support "rar" files. Could you send me this file in another form please?
Thanks in advance,
BADEL Guillaume

I am sorry that you have trouble with opening rar archive, but all what you need is already in that "rar" file - you need to extract that archive to the folder on your computer. There will be pre-supported STL format files and even chitubox file if you need to make some adjustments to the supports. Windows and Mac should be able to unpack the archive. If you have trouble with that please search in google "how to open rar archive" or "how to unpack rar archive" on windows or mac - there are plenty of free programs for that - like Winrar, Unarchiver, Unzip etc. Hope that helps. If you still have trouble with that please contact me again, will try to somehow send you the files.
Kind regards,
Max My3dprintforge

Hello sir! Im quite interested to buy ur stormwind warrior miniature stl. Im just wondering if it is possible to get an stl with sword, shield and head separate so they can be swaped? Basicly a want to make a stormcast eternal unit with the stormwynd guard sword helm and shield. Is that something u can do? Im willing to pay extra för the extra work it implies.

Hello! Have you downloaded it ? Because it is already split version. I added more photos to make this clear. Hope that helps.