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Hey I'm trying to 3d print the standerd mp5k foregrip. I saw that you made your own and I was wondering if you had or could make a 3d model of the standerd grip?

I got a idea for your bungee balls , if you want to do a partnership thats fine after i am done with my workload of personal projects , i was thinking of doing a release my version of a acessory of it in the spring or summer , but i dont want to talk too much about it in public so how i will talk about it is either through my twitter dm @TimPatAlPostma or my facebook messenger @TimsterPostma & we can discuss more about it over theyre

the release date can be negotiated earlier on if i can make ends meet , but i need to print the 1st copy of my version of i am the inventor or my version

But if your not comfortable with that do let me know , but it will not be a prop but rather a functional launcher & thats all i have to say about it in public