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hola, el archivo de descarga solo incluye las imágenes de referencia, olvidaste incluir los archivos 3D para impresión.

Hola, por favor lea la descripción. El archivo está disponible, Saludos.

Apologies i read the description wrong it's the best girlfriends chosen files i liked the lesbians by the way thank you for responding i like your work


Love the picture files just need the stl or obj files so i can print please

Hello, what file is this?

Can I sell finished prints from your STL Files?

Hello, for sales please contact me by clicking on the envelope on my profile, best regards.

Merci pour votre rapidité. C'est nickel !

i bought "WOMAN SM". Some parts have too many faces (hat, belt), it is not beautiful ! Can't you fix it ? Thanks a lot

Bonjour, je regarde ça et je reviens vers vous, merci

J'ai modifié les erreurs, toutes mes excuses et merci de me l'avoir signalé, bonne impression.

Pensez à me suivre dans mon profil si ce que je fais vous plait, merci. Je peux faire d'autres figurines à la demande pour le même prix, amicalement.

Hello. I bought "CLAIRE AND CLARA" on the 30.08.2022. After I unpacked it , there is only 1 woman instead of 2. I wanted to download it again today, but the files do not exist anymore and I have to buy it again. Could you help to clear this mistake. Thank You

Hello, I'll see it this weekend, don't worry, I'll get back to you, thank you.

files are never deleted, some are simply disabled. I just put it back, all the files are available. in case of problem you can contact me on my profile email, thanking you.

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THANK YOU for the very fast help, downloaded and both ladies are on the print :)

Wonderful, send me a photo of your impression on my profile email, it's always a pleasure ;-)

Hi ive just purchased the lisa trans makes a pose figure but there is no stl or obj file in the Zip file could you add this please?

Hello, since the update of cult I have several folders that have disappeared, I apologize and I updated the folder, friendly.

Is the bikini trophy print in place, without supports?

hello, with support, I just marked it, thank you

is a license required to print and sell these?

printing them for your personal use is allowed. To sell, you need a license, I have several for me, I can advise you if you wish! contact me on my profile email address? Cordially.

Hello a little update i have repaired the files that i have bought so i can use them for resin printing with chitubox, if anyone here needs help with that let me know

Hello, can you contact me in my profile email please and send them to me that I look at if I have the same result as you, friendly.

Hello i have bought 7 of your files but 5 of them are not working in chitubox!

Lesbian Amélie and her girlfriend
Rosie Chaude
Amélie Clitoris
pure lesbian pleasure

Please refund my money for the files which are not working or fix the problems.

Hello, I checked and it was well marked in the print settings Software: Ultimaker Cura (only).
You have purchased 6 designs and I am requesting a refund for all of them.
You will have to wait one or two days for cult3D to reimburse you.
If you want a photo of the request, let me know.
Good day.

Hello, you have been refunded, have a nice day

Thank u very much it seems the some of the files where inside out , but i solved the problem, i want to send them to you so you can uodate them on your site, and if u need any other files to be fixed let me know.

Hello, can you contact me in my profile email please and send them to me that I look at if I have the same result as you, friendly.

Hello, the statue appears not to be solid, I opened the obj and sty in cura and in lychee and in both slicers the model can't be printed. tried to make it solid in Meshmixer and is impossible. can you please fix it ? the file is John belle

Hola, si abres el archivo obj directamente con ultimaker cura, no hay error, mira la foto número 10 en la carpeta que descargaste. Acabo de comprobar y no tengo ningún problema.
Dime si es bueno para ti?

I can't send you a screenshot thru here but the problem seems to be that the statue is only the skin with no fill, would you make it completely solid please?

estás usando ultimaker cura?

I'm using Meshmixe trying to make it solid but I can't. in cura appears solid, but in lychee or any cubic workshop (resin printers slicers) it's impossible, missing infill and the front part is so thin it doesn't appear

El archivo solo es compatible con ultimaker cura, lo dejé claro en la configuración.
Si lo imprime con cura, el archivo obj está bien.

in your page you say it's compatible with resin printers, and with cura you cannot print with resin printers, so ..... you should refund the money and delete the tab resin .....

En los parámetros no hablo de resina y solo de ultimaker cura.
Software: Ultimaker Cura (solo)

¡Le haré un reembolso inmediato y lamento esta confusión!

look at the TAGS..... you say RESIN..... it's just for you not to have problems, you should say that is only compatible with FDM printers.... thank you by the way.

Voy a modificar esto.
Solicité un reembolso.

muchas gracias. revisa por favor las demás estatuas. eres muy bueno en diseñar de todas formas!

Gracias, estoy cambiando las etiquetas.
Buena continuación.

thank you. please warn me when you made the refund, not arrived by now. have a good day

Hice una solicitud al sitio cults3d, que tengas un buen día.

hello, one day have passed and still didn't receive the refund

Hola, contáctame por correo electrónico desde mi perfil y te adjuntaré una pantalla de la solicitud, no puedo hacerlo mejor.



Hello, I just opened the Ultimaker Cura software as marked in print settings, then I opened the obj file, the figure is perfect with no flaws! I can post a link if you wish, but it takes a day before the administrator validates my link.

I have already printed a Rosie Open figurine and posted the pictures, you can go see.

I guess you used other software than Ultimaker Cura.

If so, I can reimburse you if you wish!


Hello. I have tried to print couple touch sex multiple times on a Magician X 3d printer. It simply falls apart after the feet and ankles are printed. Is there a profile you can share that I can import with all of the correct settings?

Hello, you have to try several positions with supports to see which one seems best to you, example on photo before making the supports.
Then the settings depend on your printer and your filament for the temperatures.
Don't hesitate if you have any other questions.

Full of errors. Rosie_open. flipped triangles and full of holes, only shells. Unrepairable in both meshmixer and netfabb. Will guaranteed not print even if you say so.

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Normals is flipped. Most was fixable in blender, but not all. But you should check all you models.

Hello, everything depends on the settings on meshmixer, on ultimaker cura there is no defect, I print the figurine and I come back to you in 1 day, thank you.

I made supports with meshmixer and made my gcode with ultimaker cura in medium quality, as you can see I had no problem.
I am open to discussion and I ask you not to rate me badly because you have problems, cordially.

Hello, Down load two models by you and both doesn't will be seen by Chitubox. They are invisble for them. Both are OBJ files. By other downloads, STL and OBJ files ar visible. Please can you make them visible so i can print them?

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Hello, I don't know this software.
I am using ultimaker cura and I have no problem even printing.
I make you other stl files but the obj file gives a better quality.
I just tried your software and I have this problem too even with an stl file, I don't understand why.
I invite you to try ultimaker cura which is also free and easy.
You can contact me for further questions.

Mijn printer werk perfekt met Chitubox

Ik zei niet het tegendeel. wil je dat ik je terugbetaal?

Je files zijn onzichtbaar. Kan je dat niet herstellen? Dat heb ik liever dan mijn geld terug

Ik doe wat onderzoek en ik kom terug om het je te vertellen, bedankt

Meshmixer ziet hem ook niet, dan is deze ook transperant

in mijn geval werkt het. maar ik kijk waarom en ik zeg je.

probeer de map Trans_solo_CHITUBOX.stl
Vertel me wat je ervan vindt

Ja het werkt, beetje lage kwaliteit maar het werkt in elk geval. Ga je die andere ook doen? Dank je

Misschien kan je de OBJ file ook in chitubox krijgen?

ja als ik vanavond terug ben en dit weekend zal ik kijken om de kwaliteit te verbeteren.
voor het obj-bestand is het minder zeker, maar ik zal het proberen.

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Ik heb de bestanden voor je aangepast

Het werkt, dank je voor je inspanning,

Ik kan geen betere kwaliteit krijgen.
je kunt de cura-software proberen voor een betere kwaliteit in het obj-bestand, een fijne dag verder.

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