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Why the googledrive files "dslr crane" are no longer there?

Wh ythe google drive files are no longer there?

Hi there! I'm redecorating my room and got a 3d printer recently and I am wondering how big it is? I am thinking of making it a different size, and I just want to know how big it is before I buy it. Thank you!

the escape fork keep jamming, is it possible can you make the tip little bit longer?

hello, I jut bought the stl files and I see there a bunch of folder and STL_High_Torque_Mod. So which files should I print ? thank you

Hello, I’d recommend to build the main Stl folder first according to the assembly guide. The high torque mod is only necessary if your springs does not provide sufficient force to drive the Tourbillon. The mod is explained at the end of the assembly guide too. Thanks for purchasing and happy printing :)

Bonjour le guide de montage est il accesible ? j ai vu qu'il y a des tiges acier vous indiquez les references ?

Hello, I downloaded the tourbillon mechanica about 6 months ago but I have only started building it now. The problem is that I don't have the split files of the base because I downloaded an old version, could you send me the split files? Thanks a lot

Hello I'm a volunteer teacher for the local elementary school maker space. We are wanting to start teaching film and editing also in the class and so far rounded up enough to get the basics. However, one thing we can't find cheap at least is a quality jib then came across yours. Wanted to have the kids print and build it but $ is tight for the program as I personally provide all the filament, printer parts, vinyl for cutters, etc. Wanted to reach out and see if by chance you would help out possibly donating a set of these files to print and build your Micro Jib. Thank you for your time and God bless

Hello , I downloaded the Toubillon Mechanica two weeks ago, and I've been preparing all the pieces and parts during this time. In the assembly, I've noted that one of the 2 mm metal pins, the one for the Core Gear, should be shorter than specified. With 13 mm long, it protrudes too much over the gear, and interferes with the rotation of the scapement mechanism. No problem, just reducing the size of the pin solves this issue. I thought you would like to know it in order to edit the assembly guide? Thank you veeeery much for this design!! It's amazing

Hey, thanks for pointing it out! I will fix it when I have access to my CAD workstation (I am travelling now). Most welcomed and thanks again for the kind words! appreciate it :)

Please provide IGS or Step files it would very helpful.... Please Please

Hello, I just downloaded the Mini Mechanica 2.0 models. Looks like it was actually updated today? Anyway, it appears there are 2 versions of the printing/assembly guide. One version has only one image of the assembly on the title page, and the other has all the scaled versions pictured. Which of these is most current? Thanks!

Hey there, yeah the file package is updated to include all the scaled version of the model. you can check out the video here

Apologies for the assembly guide versions. the latest one is the one with scaled versions and kindly ignore the single image pdf. I've already removed the older assembly guide link from the description.


Hi, i am interested in this piano, but i can’t see the instructions as the link seems lost… do you have a pdf, or another link to see it?

so sorry about the broken link, I've fixed it so you should be able to download it now

hi please could you tell me your rates please

Hello, I want buy your "Tourbillon Mechanica Escapement Model", but can you share a 3d model menas like Solidworks, creo etc. files?

Hello, sorry the files that are included are only sty files. I am currently unable to provide the design files due to licensing discussion that I am having with a potential supplier and distributor.

hi dear
my biggest printer is the sidewinder X1. can i print with it the tourbillon? what is the size from the biggest part?. thanks

Hello, The sidewinder X1 with the 300mm x 300mm print area can definitely all the parts of the Tourbillon. The largest part for the Tourbillon Mechanica measures 216mm in diameter while the Tri-Axial measures about 320x210mm. However, due to the tapered design for the Tri-Axial, you can rotate it at an angle and print it on a 250x210mm build area. Hence, The sidewinder X1 can cater for them.

Hello, you have really stylish designs, I will follow you closely and wish you continued success.

Thanks! really appreciate it :)

Hello, I just bought your "TOURBILLON MECHANICA TRI-AXIAL" and when I download your Zip there is only a blank file can you resend a me a link please ?

Hey Philippe, I'm so sorry about this issue. Must have been an upload error. I have re-uploaded the files again and double checked by downloading it. Kindly try it again and let me know if you still have issues.


Hello, I just bought your "TOURBILLON MECHANICA TRI-AXIAL" and when I download your Zip there is only a blank file can you resend a me a link please ?


What is the run time of the Tourbillon flagship clock

Hello! Sorry for such a late response as I was occupied a massive relocation. The runtime is approximately 15-90minutes. 15 minutes if you are using the PETG spring and up to 90 minutes if you are using the steel spring. There is no promise on this yet, but I am currently working on implementing a stepper motor to drive all my clock designs, including this one so that they can run indefinitely.


Hello dear developer,
I bought your photo cran but only get a blank file.
I ask for help.

Hey Volker,

Im so sorry for the issue. Must have been an incomplete upload that causes the issue. I've re-uploaded the files, kindly try downloading them again.

Thanks :)


Hello dear developer,
I bought your photo cran but only received a empty file.
I ask for help.

Hi Dan,

I just bought the Tourbillon Mechanica, what a creation, well done ! thank you for that.
I just want to know if it is possible to send me the .stp product ?
I would try to make some parts with my laser cutting machine and .stl are not the best...

Thanks and have a nice day,


Hi there ! ;)
Wanted to download one of your wonderful creations - DREMEL MITER SAW FIXTURE
but unfortunately files seems to be nonexistent - only empty zip file is downloaded.


Hey There,

Oh my I'm so sorry for that. Thanks again for bringing it up to me, I've updated the files and replaced the corrupted zip file :)

Thanks again! Appreciate it.


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