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Hey Mazer, do you have the dark-lich-apostle without the 40K backpack? I'd like to use this guy for my fantasy army. I was looking for a lich and this guy is freakin' aweosme.

That is just a remix, you I credit the author in the post they might still have it available. Otherwise what you see is what you get.

hello I love your work it is beautiful. I am contacting you to find out if you would be available to create character positions or postures. if you are interested I have the character file and the photos of the postures and position that I would like to have. when I say posture or position it's just that, nothing else.

Hi - the Pilum V2 zip folder inside the main Pilum zip file seems to be corrupted - can't get it to extract without errors. Can you take a look?

Have you tried unzipping it with 7z?

Hey man do you still have the "space afv optimized for resin" files? I would totally buy you a drink if you could hit me up with those.

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What you see is what you get. I won't provide anything no longer on my site.

Hi, I‘m interested in your assault marines for Horus Heresy. Unfortunatly they are not here anymore. Is there any way to get them?

What you see is what you get. I won't provide anything no longer on my site.

Hello Mazer,

I was wondering if I could get your permission for me to post a remix of your great Garrison Class Dropship model. I made a slight functionality tweak to the landing legs. When I initially printed your model, I noticed that I was finding it very challenging to get each of the eight legs successfully glued onto the lower hull without them rotating out of alignment while the superglue cures or the legs being ever so slightly off in consistent height. (And of course you need to repeat this 7 more times.)

So I modified the landing leg to give it a much large surface area at the connection point to help yield a strong bond and created a "base plate" of sorts that makes it nearly impossible for the legs to not be at proper position. This illustrates the relative size of the mating surface for gluing and how the part easily slots into the gear bays making the attachment super easy. (The base plate matches the curvature of the hull to ensure a clean fit.) It also does not alter the visual appearance of the completed model to any significant degree beyond slighting increasing the dropship's overall footprint.

Best regards,

Sounds great!

do you have the combat trackers for any other buffs?

Are you after anything specific?

rlly good stl, is it possible that i can contact you in a more private setting?

You can DM me on my instagram.

Hi I was wondering if there was still a way to get the Scarab Terminator files?

Centurion Dread has no legs. Do you have specific legs for that model or a suggestion of where I should look for some?

Hey, I'm looking for a stl file you once had on here. Is there a way I can still get it?

What you see is what you get. I won't provide anything no longer on my site.

Can I have a link to the mk2 marines

What you see is what you get. I won't provide anything no longer on my site.

hey brother is there an email that I can talk to you about business?

You can PM me on instagram.

Hi can you upload the unhollowed files please for the Improvised Shiv Easy Pack? Trying to magnetise the guns and the hollow barrels are making it tricky


If you read my description on that post, you would have learned where to find this :)

Hi, thanks, where did you get the original Autocannon from? I cant find it from the Author

I cite the creators I use in my post, just check out their pages, you have the names :)

Hey, your orcs are a very great job! is there any chance to get these in parts? to make more variants? regards

No chance, sorry

hello I contact you to know if you would be interested in helping me because my time on earth and finally shorter than expected and I wanted to know if you would have the possibility, the kindness, to help me to do 16 postures, there are has 12 melee and 4 shooting. I have the blender file of the character. Also know if you would like to make their armor I have the equipment files, mainly weapons and helmets no armor, but I have the armor drawings, drawing that I made. Can you help me?

Great work mate !
Can swap helmets , backpacks and shoulder pads on your tactical sqaud ?

Your istagram page is no longer there that I can find. Are you still open to commissions?

I fixed the link. I do take commissions from time to time, however I'm only taking on very simple projects like objective markers / wound markers.

You’re deathwing master Does come with without a plain robe and shoulders pads ?

I don't do requests. What you see is what you get.

can you do Death Guard wound markers?

theres an error when you try to extract the files from the pilum v2 folder. it wont let you extract those files. for the pilum assault hovercraft stl you created

Try using a non-shit zip tool like the free 7zip.

Hi, the first photo shows both a left-handed and right-handed khopesh, but there's only a left-handed one in the files. Do you have the file for a right-handed one as well?

With 3d printing if you have a right handed version anyone can make a left handed version with just one click! Just open up your favorite slicer or 3d builder and hit the mirror button :wink:

Haha thanks...still learning ;)

Hello there. I want to sell physycal copies of your bases in my store there is any option to do it so? Thank you!