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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Soy fan tuyo, no pienses en haters, me gustan mucho tus proyectos, sigue así!

Muchos gracias!

Buenas tardes, necesitaría varias princesas Disney de Chibi no se si tendría alguna mas ??Sería Aurora,Bella, Cenicienta y Esmeralda

Hola, ven a instagram ( ) haz clic en el enlace debajo de la descripción, lee las instrucciones de la comisión. ¡Gracias!

I would be more inclined to purchase your $10 full resolution models if you were up front about the fact that these are low resolution versions. Feels like a bait and switch to me.

This is the site for models that cost $ 10
( Cgtrader )

Yes, I know. Not sure if you missed my point. You need to state on this site that these are lower resolution models. I would be more inclined to buy from your cgtrader site if you were straight forward about your models on cults3d.

Are you against people selling their prints of your files?

People can sell my projects, the important thing is my name.

Hi I downloaded one of your design c-18 chibi but when it went cura it was mixed in with some kind of angel figure need help


What does done mean?

Thanks the resend worked

You are welcome.

I purchase your Hawkeye but it is not usable. I am not able to open it could you please resend it to me


Hello I have a question

I would like to make a 3d model for my wife's birthday
subject sailor moon

I would like a custom 3d model

put my wife's head on sailor moon sorp

and change the proportions of the body so that it looks more like my wife

could you do it?

Hello, I don't know how to realize.

you do not sculpt and model yourself?

fichier .stl or .mf

Hola! queria saber si haces el diseño de vayne de legue of legends y cuanto saldria? gracias

Hola! y un proyecto muy dificil, no soy la persona que buscas.

Never mind my previous messages. I just purchased 68 of your files.

Thank you very much !

When you print the models in 3d send me the images on Instagram (moscatellimatteo) I'm very curious.

I most Certainly will

I want to purchase bundle.

How much would you charge for all your files?

is it possible to print it as a 15cm model? (Ghost rider)

Sure! quiet the project does not get ruined.

can you give me a bundle to buy

hello, if I send you an image, can you convert the image to stl file?

Hi, come to instagram ( ) click the link below the description, read the instructions of the commission. Thank you!

Hi, what would be the maximum size that can be printed taking into account that 2cm is 100%?

Hi, the 3d file is not like an image, the more you enlarge the more it gets damaged, you can enlarge it as much as you want.

I bought your gojo stl and cura says it has extensive meshing problems with the hair, is there anyway you can help me with this?

With 3d printing before printing the model you need to insert the support. Search the internet for tutorials: 3d printing support

Thanks for the turning red model! Is this a model I am able to sell if I add designer credit?

Thanks! You can sell the printed model but the file cannot.

Love your models! Any chance I can sell some printed models? Also do you have plans to create a Superman chibi?

Thank you very much! of course you can sell the models, it is important that there is the name of the designer, for now superman is not part of my projects.

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any chance you could make a couple of weapons for eivor

hello, can you tell me how much does it cost to design an exclusive keycap for my own use?

hi there good day could you give some assistance i have purchase from you the model best houses 20200813-14225 but it has errors

Hi! and a project gone wrong, I had to cancel

But this is paid, could you just fix it? I really liked the models.

It cannot be corrected, because there is an error. Tell me a 3d model you like, I give it to you.
sorry for the problem.

But you are the creator... right? I like the Masterchief model, though.

hola, el modelo Hinata contiene errores :(

Hi I'm having trouble uploading the file to CURA to prepare it for printing ... It freezes and crashes ...

Hi,I solved the problem, write me direct instagram @moscatellimatteo

I no longer have instagram ... you can answer me here thanks

Ciao sto trovando problemi a caricare il file su CURA per preparlo alla stampa... Si blocca e crasha...

Hi, you wrote the same message twice, you can delete it thanks.

Hi Dwendooley,
Thank you very much for updating the name,
i suggest you try to change the 3d printer support, watch the videos on youtube.