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ok, i may not like it here but still want to support friends and creators....looking for a unicorn for my sons classmate. is yours not available or is that patreon?

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Its IXPATCH's unicorn

But i don't see it on their page.....message them as i did and we will find out what happened.


I'm writing to you to thank you for following us on Cults and to invite you to get to know our Patreon, where you will have early access to all of our 3D models, access to our Discord community and our exclusive file sharing platform!

We are seeking to increase our subscribers in order to be able to hire more designers ans increase the amount of content we will be able to launch each month. It would be amazing to have you with us!

Thanks and good printing!

HI we talked on etsy the other day. how are you. your patreon is still the same price as it was the other day,

Hey! It's true. Still the same price!

Maybe i should increase mine to that level.....

No, I am not on tik tok

Have you been able to successfully print the winged dragon ? I have not. My problem is that it is not printing a complete raft, only in parts.

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They are updating the file tomorrow i think. And you might have more success with the update.

Are you on tiktok? i can help you with printing issues there.

is there a reason you don't reply in the reply area?

it sounds like your having printer issues beyond the file. Come on to tikok and join our live streams we talk 3d printer repair a lot. but I'm not able to do much here as i cant see what's going on with you machine.

Hello, Thank you for your purchase.

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Thank you for the amazing model!


Comes over to patreon to get a license to sell our file.