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Hello, i just bought your boxing glove shop card shelf. I really like the design, however i am unable to properly load it into my slicer since it's in inches. Scaling the whole thing up by 2540% makes it WAY to big. Could you maybe export the design in millimeters and send it to my email address paul$@$ ? (without the dollar signs, i'm trying to prevent spam crawlers) Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

I have scaled it to the units you require and emailed it to you (in the attached zip), the units are currently mm and the dimensions are x90mm, y80.2mm, z84.8mm (please refer to the attached image).

As I don't know what software you are using for 3D printing, I don't really understand the problem you are having with the units and scaling. If. My file still doesn't help you solve the problem, then you can download the free open source free software Blender and resize the piece by entering the Stl file through Blender.

Good luck with your printing and by the way, I have attached a photo of my 3D print.

Hola... quiero comprarte el stl de la estatua de la Libertad... y quería saber qué calidad tiene el stl, porque quiero imprimirla en 120cm.
Un saludo.

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I don't know if it's okay to put an eMail here either, but life is supposed to try to be adventurous, right!
Just write a mail and pass it on to and give it a try.

If I use 'CRY' i just need your permission to use it.
If you want to collaborate on something new we need to have direct contact by email but I do not know if it is wise to put an email address here.

I think it's a cool idea to make art into glass!
Do I need to make anything for you?


I am a glass artist in the UK and would like to turn "CRY" into a glass do you feel about that?

Sorry, I apologize for the trouble you have caused. This is my negligence. I have sent the colored files. If you still have questions, please email me at

Hello I bought your snta claus file it said it had color maps and when I opened the file only 1 file works and is in gray color please send the correct file ASAP!!!!

Hello I bought your 3D printed santa it said it came with color and the file hasnt have color


The file has already color?
What extension file are available?

Thanks in advance

Keep MJ's hand and remove the pants, Already uploaded.

Keep MJ's hand and remove the pants. Yes. But please wait patiently, I will deal with when my work has a gap. :)

Hi, congratulations for your work, I wanted to ask you if it was possible to receive only the hand file in that position of Michael Jackson gesture, thanks a lot