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I don’t know exactly mate , But a few months for sure with only one machine

hey there,

how long will it take to print the full heavey mandalorian armour with jetpack and rifle?

i may just be having a blonde moment but how does the belt clip work or isnt it functional and just cosmetic?

So I am sure that this is already on the way. Are you in the process of making the mandos jet pack and sigil following the release of episode 8.

No worries, its just some Z-HIPS and time , I'm just saying you may say this in the description , your reasons are good . I dont know how to measure in my software , i dont even know if in scale 25 or 30% it will works.

i'm probably too noob for this you are right . i will email you for hidden modifications as i want to add a microphone , speaker and a micro walkie talkie unit inside.

Sorry mate, i should've add the size, but the thing is, a lot of people buy files like this and scaled it down for children, but the models just can't get scale down because of the walls. That's why i made them litle so you can scaled it up whatever you want because i shouldnt have but anyway i assumed that everyone was looking at the size before printing, sorry, email me so we can discuss this inconvenience.

HI , you should add informations about size . i've printed Mando's helmet ( in one piece, 4 days ) and its a way to small for an adult head :) , like 15 cm wide :), not even sure it will fit my son's head. i need to scale it for next print , but i want to be sure it will fit.

that's strange, maybe there was a problem with the upload, send me your email so i can send them to you. i'm gonna send you a free file as well for the inconvenience! see u!

HI, i bought the full armour including gun adn jetpack, but there doesnt seem to be all the pieces for the helmet? I can't see the ear pieces at all, just the little bar called "piece".

yes mate! is more than enough, anyway is not that big, cause i dont have a big head, so you can even scaled it up to 300 if needed but i dont think so, cause 300 mm height for a helmet is really big!

HI , i'd like to print a mando helmet , i have 30x30x30 , it's it fit in one piece ? ( i dont like glued stuff , not solid enough)

it doesnt matter really, because im able to cut it down to any dimension they need, for free.

On the Machine Gun and Jetpack Heavy Infantry Mando Combo what is the dimentions of the biggest pieces and is there any suspended parts?
asking as I would be using a friends machine and would want to ensure he can print it for me before I buy.


Hi , nice work , I have few questions :
- is it possible to print the helmet in 1 piece , if yes , which size is it ?
- what is the thickness of parts ? is that strong enough for "light" fight , I mean cosplay fight but i may happen to take some hit

Nono, of course is the full armor, but I'm sure I uploaded it. No worries maybe there was an issue with the upload. Sent me your e mail so I can email you the rest of the files. Also I'm fixing this right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I just purchased your full mandalorian heavy infantry armour, machine gun, and jetpack.
The download was only the gun and jetpack.
Did I miss something or misinterpret the description.
Thank You

yes, same... and nah, the page will let you download the files.

That’s ok. The same with the Mandalorian Beskar suit? And do I get those files by mail? After I bought them.

Hey mate! Thanks! Not now but if you want to do it I can prep the files for your bed size, no further charges of course. But it may take me a few hours or a day.

Hey, your Mandalorian Heavy Infantry suit looks amazing! But I have one question, can you print it on a smaller bed? Like 220x220 mm?

i sent you guys the lost file and a free file as a gift, thank you so much! if someone need it just email me. ;)

I had the same issue, do you have a contact email or something so I can reach out to you about the hip plate.

sorry mate, my bad. i'll upload it right now.

I already bought the complete set yesterday but with the files I downloaded does not come the piece of the photo called "armor_large" (the long triangular that is below the grenade holder) what happened you can send me why it does not come in the files I downloaded from the purchase.

this is the link of what was bought


Hi mate,

Just have a quick question I want to print a full suit of the mandalorian but unsure which one to buy for the full suit I want to make it for the next oz comic-con thanks

Hey mate just a a quick question, I want print a full outfit of the mandalorian for oz Comic-Con next year but unsure which version I should get for the full suit

yes! i finished the helmet and i'm working on the armor , jetpack and gun ;)

Fantastic, definitely going to be one of my next purchases. are you planning on making any more on the heavy infantry mando as well?

Is done mate! Unless some of you guys have something to improve, is finished already.

Just a final quick question, how many more updates are going to be done to the full beskar armor set? I am super excited to buy it i was just wondering if there were any more additions you were going to make?

Will they be added as part of the helmet/ cuirass bundle or separate?

yes i will!! they'll be ready in a few days! Thanks!!!!

Hey, I saw your Beskar armor set and I’m definitely planning on buying the STL with my next paycheck. I was curious, with the release of chapter three and the newly updated gauntlets and leg plates, do you have any plans to create STLs for those in the near future as well?

Hey! I dabble in a bit of cosplay and have been oogling over your 3D models for the baskar mando armor set. Are there 3D print shops that print these types of models out? How does that process work? Sorry bit of a noob as far as the process goes but I'd love to learn more about it. And nice job the models look fantastic!!!

Hey I love your beskar ingot project but I don't have any 3d printer do you know if I can buy a beskar ingot somewhere on internet?

Just purchased your Power Rnagers Blade blaster file and I'm very excited to print it. Thank you so much for creating this file!

Looking for the Pegasus armor Tenma wears, the one with belt not the one with skirt, I was wondering if you have ever made that one and if you were to make it what do you think you'd price the files for? I want it for my son for his bday party in October so looking to print it way ahead of time. Feel free to message me at I also just followed you on IG I am drakeblackcustoms on there.

hola, cuanto sale la armadura del caballero dorado leo

Yes mate! mi IG account is fito_pineda18, thank you so much!

What sort of license come with the Jedi pouches?
Any method to speak to you in private?