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hi job job on buildings curious can these files can be converted to ho scale 1/87 scale

They're several I would like to purchase and print. I will give you a list of the ones I want. I bought the ruby Cafe store set from you and you custom made the sign to MA for me

Please communicate with me directly at

does all the files come with the names on the buildings are is there an alternate file that has a blank spot to put my on names on . Thanks David

Hello, is there a particular file you are interested in? In many cases I can remove the name.

Hello. Good night your model can scale up to 1/72 or 1/87?

Hello, you should be able to scale the STL files in your slicer. Marc

I live in US and found your website. I'm interested in an N scale high school building and yours seems to be perfect! How do I get it and how much?

you can reach me at

Visit my Etsy shop at I have the Back to the Future High School in small and expanded versions. Cheers! Marc

I paid for and downloaded the file. The only files contained in the zip file were for a garage door and two bases. How do I obtain the full file?

Hello, can you tell me which file you downloaded so that I can investigate. I will be sure to make it right for you. Regards, Marc

hi i didnt realize these had raised watermarks inside. i was hoping for a smooth bottom inside the buildings. is this a possible request?

Sorry 😒. I need to keep my monogram. So many bad people have no respect for the Creative Commons Licence.

Oh ok it would be for my 1 time personal amusement. But i do completely understand. Thank you for making awesome corner gas models im a huge fan and never expected to find these :D

hi just purchased one of your PREMIUM N SCALE buildings if it prints great i would like to purchase all of them do you have a deal package of them all? cheers

Hi, any chance you could make the green silo is z scale? I don’t have a 3d printer. Thanks
Modeling the Soo line in Z scale

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website.

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll have my friend check that out. Merci

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I purchased the software and asked a friend to print it for me. However the CAFE sign does not seem to be included. Should I expect that to be included in the software package?

Hello, I have just checked the digital download zip file for this model and the print file for the CAFE sign is definitely included (Cafe Sign Ver 3.STL).

I have sent a few messages but received no response. Maybe you are not in business any longer. However, I will ask one more time; What would you charge to print and ship to the US (zip code 30040) the PREMIUM N SCALE RURAL TOWN GAS STATION & CAFE? I have purchased the download and will look for someone who can print the kit for me if you do not provide that service.


Gene Jablonski,

Hi Gene,
I am so sorry for not seeing your messages. I do not check into Cults3D as often as I should. All of my models are available for fabricated purchase in my Etsy Shop ( I also do custom designs and will create and ship any N Scale Building or Structure you might require. Contact me through my Etsy Shop.

How much would you charge to print the model for me and mail it to the US, zip 30040?

Please visit my Etsy Shop.

I don't have access to a 3D printer but would like to purchase the Corner Gas set replica. What would you charge to print and ship that creation?

Best regards,

Gene Jablonski 678-523-9863

Please visit my Etsy Shop

I used my Elegoo Mars 2 to print the Propane tank. for those who are interested Hollow out the model in the slicer, my next one is going to be 1mm walls, I am also going to put a 5mm hole on the top and bottom to drain resin from the inside. No fill inside, I used small supports at a 5mm height. Elegoo Gray resin. My plan is to design the circular stairs to go to the top and use the hole as top location. Slicer that comes with the printer works fine placing supports it says that the resin cost is $0.46 but it took 6+ hours

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Man, I got your n scale buildings they are awesome. Any chance you have a fire truck or 2 I could print for the fire station?

I've been using this fire truck for my stations.

Are there files in the download giving an option to not have words on the structure

Do you hav e any models n scale that are 3d resin ready with supports in place that are either able to print in resin or will work anyway even if they dont have supports already thanks Elwood

Do you hav e any models n scale that are 3d resin ready with supports in place that are either able to print in resin or will work anyway even if they dont have supports already thanks Elwood

Aloha I just printed your 40' high cube with my Elegoo Mars 2 Resin printer. Very nice design. Used 30% fill and a little thicker walls. Planning on doing a mod with a hollow interior and locations for Magnets to help with stacking. This was the third print for me with this printer. I used to use a MakerBot at a Makerspace before.
Mahalo for posting

Hi, I'm writing you regarding the toy train tanker car you bought recently. I just found out the zip file (generated by Cults automaticaly) was somehow broken. Now it seems I managed to fix it. Please redownload the files again via MY ACCOUNT > ORDERS > VIEW > DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES.

Sorry for the incovenience and happy printing!

Hello, Can this model PREMIUM N SCALE SUBURBAN HOME #4 printed on SLA printer?

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