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Hi dear
I need stock for HDB68 CAN MOUNTED THE 0.8L HPA TANK.

Hi, one short question. the pouch file (Stinger_Pouch.stl) prints three objects, but two of them are "flying" in the air which makes my print break. Am I missing something, or is this an error in the stl file? thx :)

bonjour a toi deja super job pour larmure mes petit souci jai pas la main gauche dans les fichier

sinan je suis fan de toi serieu ses un reve de gosse

Could you teach me how to make my own models? I'm 16 and trying to make a show with my own characters and gadgets but IDK how to make models.

so i would like to know for the minigun what did you do for the barrels im have trouble figuring that out if you can let me know that would be great

salut je voulais savoir tu as utiliser quoi comme ressort pour ton bipieds ?

Hi there I have no idea what so ever about 3D printing an no knowledge of computers but I’m up for trying it, I downloaded ur files for the suit and looked at the file prints some had estimate cost of over £300 for one part is that right?. And do you have any kinda instructions at all?

Bonjour, bonsoir,

Je viens de trouver ton plan pour l'armure d'iron man, excellent travail !!!
Je serai bien intéressé par la partie électronique de l'armure, c'est possible?


Bonjour, quel type de lumière avez vous pris pour les mains iron man?

Hi ! I really love your IronMan suit... do you reckon its possible just to print the helmet parts and only wear the helmet without the suit?

Thanks! stay safe