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Hi, I don't have a stryfe, so I cant test for fitting. but it not the same handle so it should not work

I really like the nerf recon cs6 stock. Is there any possibility to fit on Stryfe?
If not it is possible to make some modifications in order to fit?
Thank you

If you redownload the files, the three cuts parts should be included ;)

Infortonately its mesh based since beginning (3dsmax and zbrush) and turning mesh into spline is almost impossible
But I have a three cut parts version, maybe its fit better on your bed, I can send it to you

Hi, I recently downloaded (Sept 2nd) your Nerf Recon Custom Stock - love it by the way - but the issue is it won't fit on my print bed (FlashForge Creator Pro).
The file comes as an .obj and, while I CAN import it into Fusion360 to edit it, there are too many triangles for me to convert it to something useable.
I'm trying to split the model in a place I can 'hide' so I really need to be able to edit it better than just 'plane-cutting' a mesh . . .

Is it possible to get the file as something more native (not mesh based) for Fusion360 please?

Many thanks

Andjoe - (Andrew Elvin-Dunham)