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I love the additional background on these pieces. Also, great to know how the STLs have been modified from the original artifact. Thanks for including the artifact as well as the enhanced model. Can you give more info on how the artifact was scanned or captured? I'd also love to see tips on finishing to get a realistic look like your photos.
Several purchases coming your way.
More please.

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Thanks for all the purchases. Yes, I try to add as much relevant information as possible. For the scans I made for some of the STLs I used photogrammetry. So I take a series of photos from different angles (this can range from 40 to more than 300 photos for a single object), and I then feed these photos into software that can convert them into 3d models. For fossils that are missing pieces I can then use these raw scans and mirror parts or fill in stuff by hand to make them more complete.
Olof Moleman