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Full pieces of the three knuckle finger are updated. Let me know how the resin printing comes out.

Any chance you can split all the individual pieces into their own file? I'll be printing on a resin printer and I can't orient them for printing when each file contains multiple pieces.

Hi Fistthewizard
Thank you. I'm glad you like to design. I updated it With the thumb. As for the changes I'll see what I can do. What did you have in mind? Also, I will be updating The file once more with two more designs mostly Aesthetics with one less joint like the thumb. They should be up sometime tomorrow.

Hi Littletup! I just bought your articulated fingers and I'm really happy with the design. Would it be possible to "hire" you to make some changes to it?

I absolutely love your articulated fingers, I'm planning on printing a set for a halloween costume as the grim reaper. Is there any ETA on when the thumb will be ready? I've been looking everywhere after finding someone's similar set that they only sell printed copies of.

Super super excited to try these out!