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Hello i was wondering if you did the jump pack for your "Emperor's Smashcapion" as a separate stl or could do one as a separate stl?

I kitbashed it. I had a hard drive crash since i made him so I dont know if I still have the parts. If I can find them I will let you know.

I am loving the 2Pi legs and torsos I bought, but I was wondering if there were any plans to release some hi-def arms for them? I looked through your catalogue and did not see any!

Hello, do you have a file for the stormcast shield without the symbol on the from?

I amnsorry I am afraid I lost that file a couple years ago when my harddrive went out. I am sorry.


Im hoping you may be able to help, Ive found your JANITOR'S INSPIRATIONAL STL, Im not a 3d printer myself. However I have a plan or vision as it were for my CustodesTelemon. I want him to be holding a Vexilla in his power fist.

The standard Vexilla on a custodes guard is 8cm tall, 4cm wide at the top, and the guard model is about 5cm tall. The Telemon is about 10cm tall. so litteraly doubling it would do the job. On your Janitor's Inspiration STL, its holding a different Vexilla.

Is it possible to A) create a very similar vexilla to the original but double the size, or B) print a copy of your Vexilla about double the size?

And if either is possible what sort of price are we looking at?

My appologies but i am busy with my patreon at this time and would not be able to help. Also the vexilla I mad is a remix of various models from thingiverse so I would not be able to do commercial work with them. That being said. You could use windows 3d builder and cut the vexilla off the staff and then upscale it by probably between 25 to 45%. Strangely that should be close to double its size.

How big is this Spider Tank? To compare with SM?

The Spider Tank is aproximately the same size as a Defiler that it was made to be a proxy for.

Hi, do you have an updated version of the xv9 suit? It seems a little unpolished so I was wondering before I purchased

Hey man! I love your slaanesh minis. Are they presupported?

Do you do commissions and if so what are your prices.

I am sorry. My patreon is currently taking up all my time. If I do much more i would not get to spend time with my grandkids.

I bought your Ze'on STL but Cults is giving me a ~20kb download speed is there anywhere else that I can download from?

I sent you a message and will look to hear back from you.

Hi Sir. Do you have the stl file for the heads of the sisters? especially the sister sergeant. Thanks i love your works.

I've downloaded the high speed janitors and it doesn't seem to have supports but the updates says that it does. Thanks in advance

Hey, do you still have the saggi guard files? I cannot seem to find them anymore :(

Legend, thank you so much!

Thanks for fix, cant wait to paint it

Show me when you get it done!

Hello there, I just purchased your "Abyssal Wyvern" but the Unsupported ZIP is corrupt and I am thus unable to obtain the files. Please fix, many thanks.

I just re-uploaded the unsupported parts separately. Sometimes Cults rezipping a zip file causes issues for some files. I verified everything uploaded opened without issue in 3d builder, so you should be good to go. Thanks for the purchase.

Will there be an option to purchase just the arms for the Morty Nun bot if you already own the Penny Nun Bot 2.0 and the 3x pilot pack? That would be cool.

Hello, I saw your SISTERS OF THE BASIC TROOPER and I would like to know if the size of this model is the same as the original GW model.
Thanks in andvance

hey, just bought a bunch of your stuff, i love your harlequin and eldar work a lot, i hope you have plans for more in the future.

Thanks! I still have not decided yet.

Hey love your stuff but i think i found someone who sells your work

Greetings! thanks for the awesome designs. I have a request: the body w/hood from the sis cann doesnt work. could it be reuploaded? ty!

Dear Leesedrenfort, Hey I am trying to use your "CROWS_ stubber" file but when I cant open the file, can you please reupload the STL or send me a .iges or .step file I would greatly appreciate it. Oh and BTW I love warhammer 40k, never got into the tabletop game but I have read many of the books and for the most part they are highly entertaining.

NVM it worked, my PC is just a piece of S*it


FEMALE ALIEN SEER ELF, is it scaled correctly for the tabletop with the other eldar guardians? so that shes not too tall nor too small

Hey i just got your 2pi male heads 2 pack to upgrade and give more variability to my 2pi firewarriors, the file did not contain all the facial poses depicted in the picture, i am not sure how well these will print and it was a cheap pack so i dont want to complain but the picture showed 28 heads with varied facial expressions and the pack came with 8 heads with all the same expression

My apologies for the error. It has been fixed. Please redownload them and they should all be there.

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Love your wasp warriors, hate your timing - I’d literally assembled the final 1 of 10 when your message about the files being updated with pre-built / pre-supported versions came 😂

Lovely files when all the teeny tiny bits are printed separately. I’ll grab the pre-built update just in case I ever want more!

Hi, I downloaded your fantastic 107 Fish Gun Salute, but I can't figure out what the Reactor piece is for. Could you confirm that it's to scale? It looks huge.

And where does it go on the model?

Is your XV9 to scale?

As close as I could get.