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Hey love your Holy Chain Saw and Fabulous Flagelants sets! One question I have is if they come merged? The reason I ask is that I am looking to downscale these for my personal use but when going to AT scale models. Obviously need to do a sh!tload of adjustments, thickening, extracting certain details and replacing with new versions (chains and clothes for example) but it's damn near impossible with merged models. I've sculpted a fair number of SoB for 6/8mm scale but doing human organic forms is beyond my abilities and hitting the easy button with your stuff is a price I'd pay for :)

Just to let you know on your jet bike riders the captain is the only one with a socket for the R_arm lance the base jetbikes are flat and the arm will not fit on those

I am quite a newbie in 3d printing but found your projects of "space nuns" and, hey - the're fantastic! They'll make great alternative for standard models and Iam going to buy your flagellants and nun bots for sure. So I have a question - is there any chance of receiving any discount for buying several designs? Would be great. Anyway, you're doing great job! Cheers, Michal.

Sorry Cults doesnt have and dicount cupi systems, but I do have a patreon as Crucible of Games where you can get mine and my parteners most current designs at a huge discount.we will aso be doing a kickstarter soon with some sister alternative designs.

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Great news on that kickstarter :) hope you launch it soon. Cheers!

Hi ,
Penny Nun Bot 2.0 . Download error after purchase

Please email Cults help. From my side it is available. It has sold several thousand times with sucess, so Cults may be having an issue. Thanks.

Hello, first of all, thank you so much for your works!!!
Is there a chance to get an HIGH SPEED JANITOR without rider? just the bike
thanks in advance

Hey just wondering if you have made a fusion cascades version of the xv9 hazard suit I noticed you have both the burst cannon and the ion variants.

Sorry i never got that weapon done.

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Sorry i never got that weapon done.

Hello, some time ago i have bought following STL files from you: Elven Carnivale Darkseer, Lonely Clown Solo, Elven Carnivale Murder Joker Pose 1 and Elven Carnivale Murder Joker Pose 2. I have a question, have you got a supported version of Elven Carnivale Murder Joker Pose 2? Other models have supported versions but not this one.

hi i just purchased the 2 Pi Female Torsos 3D print models and noticed there is no blank torso like in the picture and was wondering if that was supposed to be included in the download?

hi, the front wheel of the battlewagon is bad, look at the files and fix it please, thanks

Hi mate!!

Just got skorponok!!

There’s no clear information on what I need to print to get the completed model? Is it just the pre supported plate 1-6?

Appreciate the help and quality of the file!!

I stumbled onto your Female Knight legs and torso here on Cults and would love to use them to make female SCE liberators. Are there any arms and pauldrons to go with these files? If you could also expand the legs to five different poses and made it purchasable package I would love to buy it.

Hi huge fan of your work. Been resizing and building the saggitarum custodes you did. There is one problem i've noticed with model ive noticed. The eagle thats on their collar is not proportioned. One wing hangs over more than the other side causing it to get in the way of the shoulder pauldron. I was wondering if you could perhaps fix it? Or give me and idea of how to fix it?. Hope to hear back

Hi mate,

I subscribed to your Patreon, after reading the instructions and checking the folder I couldnt find any of your files in the directory it mentioned. The models I was chasing were the various SoB models. Mostly interested in the repentia/flagellants and any regular SoB troop models but was hoping to get the other models too if there was some package inside the Patreon. It wasn't very specific what the starter pack was but it doesn't seem to include any of the stuff I want to be honest. Is there somewhere that you have a bundle that includes your various SoB models or are they only available individually for purchase?


figurines très fines et très belles

Hi, how are you?

I bought a Morty Nun Bot and the set of pilots, I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility of getting the supported files, since with the printer I have no problems, but my pc is a celeron with intel video and it has its years, and it gives me problems the chitubox when I ask little more than to load the files: D

thanks for your time and your work is excellent! I want to build an army of nun little by little and your models are outstanding


Im looking for Scorponok and find it on your stl but i can buy it do you have it for sale, please?

Hi, I purchased "2 PI FEMALE TORSOS 3D PRINT MODEL" but there's no .stl for the chest piece without a symbol as shown in the first couple photos. Is there a way to get this file? Thank you!

Hello, I am trying to get all the arm combinations for the morty and penny nun bots. Does either one of them include all the arms (saw+bolter, saw+flamer, flail+bolter, flail+flamer) or should I buy both files? Thank you!

You may have stl custodes venatari ?

Hey, my friend! You may not be interested in the idea, but it never hurts to ask. You have some of the best sisters models I've seen on CG and thingiverse. Have you considered doing a space wolf/Valkyrie version of the sister's line? I've been attempting to model them myself but my skills are limited. I know there's a lot of hype for the a project like that, but wasn't sure if that would ever been something in your wheel house. Thanks!


Hello mate,

I'm a big fan of your work! :) Would you please send me an email to
I would like to discuss permission to print a small part of a design (not complete model) you have for possible sale.
Open to royalties. Thanks you!

hey mate, ive just come across you roasted fish people models and love them. I just brought the male legs and torsos and was wondering if you plan to release higher detail arms and weapons?