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Hey I love the fox body mustang that you made however it is missing the spoiler. Just wondering if you ever plan on adding it? Thanks

There was no intent on a spoiler, sorry. I was going for a 5.0 LX model look.

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Oh okay just looks a little odd without one is all. I’ll try and carve one out of wood since I am horrible with 3D design hahaha. Your models all look amazing and this one printed very well and look’s beautiful!

hi, for your corvette c6 shell, is it possble to make the shell thicker from the inside? I plan on scaling this to a slot car, and I want to make sure it's thick enough for that.

Hi do you take custom commission requests?

an you make the model mclaren p1 or 720s


por favor envíeme un correo electrónico a Intentaré conseguirte lo que quieres cuando pueda.

Do you have a 350z shell?

I have an older one, if I post it, it'd probably be free. But if.

Well if you post it that’ll be sweet. Already printed the s2000 shell to add to my collection.

merhaba acaba arabaların diğer parcalarını nerden temin edebilirim sadece kasaları varda yardımcı olurmusunuz

hello do you have the 67 Tokyo drift Mustang ,87 BUICK REGAL GNX ,70 ROADRUNNER,70 dodge Daytona, Hans Rx7 veilside fortune, DK veilside 350z in a xmod/miniZ body interested thanks

I could make those, but I wouldn't expect that list in its entirety anytime soon.


Make you more zipzap bodies

I will when I can. The urge to make them hit in spurts

Will you be coming out with a Toyota AE86 or Mazda RX7-FC model for the Xmod/MiniZ soon?

I do have both of these, but I'll need to get around to posting them.

Or ford focus rs 2017

I do have one of these as well. It may be a bit until I upload that too.

Or ford mustang gt 500 supersnake 2011

I do have one of these, might be a bit til I upload it.

you can also make a SUBARU IMPREZA wrx sti 2011

Howdy, could you design a mustang ll fastback. I just got one as a project car and I want a rc one too for a mini z

I do have a mustang II in my pipeline, but it'll be a while until I have one out.

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Nice, can’t wait!

can you please make the lotus elise i bought in 1/67 scale because of wall thickness i want to print in sla

Very sorry to get to you late. If you could email me at, I can do your request.

Hi, I'm interested in the model 03 M3 GTR RACE CAR BODY SHELL (XMOD & MINIZ). I wanna how to make the glassed?

The model in the picture is made from clear resin. Outside of resin printing, You will have to rely on cutting out the windows and putting some lexan in place.

i would like a refund this model has bad quality

Refunds are out of my hands, you will have to bring it up with Cults3d.

Hey mate!

What resin printer are you using for your prints?


Anycubic Photon Mono X 4K. Would recommend a higher screen K value with this size range, would improve prints much better.

i would like a refund this model has issues back lower part does not print right i tried all settings

I see you got a Zipzap body shell, did you print it in resin? That is the only print setting these are setup for.

No entiendo muy bien de esto, necesito el coche completo con llantas y en archivo stl, lo tienes??
Para imprimirse en blando y despues poder pintarlo, si se puede ??

Hi man! I would like to ask if you have the base for the models: subaru legacy and impreza 22b

Would u be able to make a file for a 92 eagle talon 1gb?

hola, yo te compre 2 carrocerias. y vienen con clips las carrocerias, donde esta el chassis y las ruedas para comprarte?

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Si te los dio con llantas ??

Good morning/afternoon leander. I have a question that i probably already know the answer to, but would like to ask anyway. And looking at this, I see other people are also interested in it. Would it be possible for a custom model to be made? I tried myself, but lacking the Blender skills to really do properly myself. It is regarding a Hot Wheels model (and maybe soon a custom 1/43) of a Fiat/Abarth Grande Punto/Punto Evo. Thank you for answering!

Hey I have a Traxxas 4 tec 2.0 can you make a black cobalt ss with the wing for it I can send you the dimensions I think it’s a 200mm body but idk I’ll pay whatever it costs