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Hi i love your Nametags :) Unfortunately, the name I would like to print does not exist as an STL :(((

Hello! I like 3D NAME FROM LETTERS - FONTS VALUE PACK! Does this font contain numbers? If not, can you design it?

Hi! Yes it contains numbers for all fonts included.

Hi, is it possible to have a non rotating heart as icon?

The icons pack actually includes a non-rotating heart :)

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Hello, thank you for your work ! I have just buy the value pack, I am fan !
is it possible to have a non rotating Cactus as icon ?

Hi! Glad to hear you like the design :) I made a cactus. You should be able to redownload the file and find it in the .ZIP. Let me know if you find it. Happy printing!

Thank you very much ! I love it !!!

Salve, vorrei acquistare il vostro full set dei caratteri e simboli, però prima di procedere con l'acquisto, vorrei sapere se una volta acquistato, mi fornite anche il permesso per poter vendere i vari portachiavi che andrò a creare, o se sono solo a scopo d'uso personale. Grazie.

ah, un'altra cosa, ho provato a stampare il file che hai messo gratuito, le lettere non riescono ad entrare dentro al supporto

Hi! commercial licensing for reselling physical parts is available by subscribing through my patreon:

Could you clarify that second comment? Perhaps send me a mail with some pictures of the issue to or contact me on instagram. So I can look into the issue :)

Great model, very customizable. Perfect for the kids' backpacks. Note that I don't see the period in the zip but I think I see one in your pic.

Backpacks is a great idea! The period is in the numbers and symbols ZIP (and also value pack ZIP) and is called '.STL'

I just double checked again (actually looked about 20 times) and it's not there. My guess is since you're just using the extension without a filename in front, it's getting lost. Good practice would be just name it something like "period.STL".

For me it's visible, but it could very well be that it indeed dissapears when opened with another unzipper for example. To be sure, I replaced the file with 'period.STL'. You should be able to redownload the file free of charge. Happy printing!

Très belle réalisation ! je vous félicite et je vous remercie, le petit-fils est super content.

Thanks for the positive feedback! Enjoy! Merci beaucoup :)

Hi, I love your 3d name design, I have downloaded the free version in thingiverse. I wanted to ask your permission if I can modify the design to Arabic letters?

Hi! The license does not include derivations. Please contact me at

Hi there, i would like to purchase the comic letters but just wondering if you have a full stop . as it would be really useful for website address?

I love your letter designs! I was curious if you would be open to some uses that are not for personal use only. I'm happy to email you with more details and we can discuss further if you're open to my idea. If not that's fine too.

Sure! Send me a mail at

Hi, there.

I'm just wondering if the different letter sets you sell are all interchangeable and can lock with with another. Going by the pictures, it looks like they do but I just want to be sure before buying a couple of sets.


Hi, yes they will lock. But different fonts have different depths (and height) so letters from different fonts will not align perfectly with each other.

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Delighted with your design and thanks for including the numbers and something else. I made the purchase, always supporting. The only thing is that in Spanish, we have many words with the letter "ñ" "Ñ" that I would love to have. :) . But I don't know if I have to pay again :(

Please send me a mail at Let me know which of the fonts you downloaded.

Do you have a commercial license or Patreon we can subscribe to be able to print them commercially?

Thank you!

Hi! Yes, commercial licensing is possible. Please mail me at

Do you do lower case as well? (Leo)

I just purchased the 3D Letter ad on. The one character I need is missing. Apostrophe ('). Can you help me out?

Hi! I can send it to your mail if you let me know wich font(s) you downloaded.

Yes it's and the font was standard

Buenos dias, e descargado dos fuentes ( elegant y round ) y solo se me a bajado las letras y no los numeros. No estan icluidas? Gracias

They are included. It may be that cults didn't process the update. I reuploaded to be sure. Can you download the file again and let me know if the numbers are included now (redownloading is free of charge).

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Buenas tardes.... Ahora Todo perfecto. Muchas Gracias.

Thank you for you promt response

seen your fonts which are really clever, can you do numbers and characters, also can you do in different font such as disney ?


from -

Seen your letters - are you intending to produce numbers and characters, can you also do other fonts, such as disney?


Hi! I have updated all fonts with numbers and some symbols. Unfortunatelythe disney font is copyright protected.

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Does anyone know where to find the numbers?

Hi! I have updated all fonts with numbers!

I don't suppose you have any numbers?

Happy to pay for them separate from the letters.

Hi! I have updated all fonts with numbers!

Hello, could you design MAURICIO nametag ? Let me know

Are you still in the business?

Yes! I design custom nametags for $4. Let me know if you agree and I will design the nametag and share you the link!

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Great ! Yes I agree with the price :)


I'm wondering if u can do the name Angie.. if so how much would it cost .. thanks

Hi, I can design the nametag for you for $4. Let me know if you agree and I will share the link with you.