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votre modèle est top, j'aurais voulu savoir qu'elle diamètre de fils vous utilisé pour la charnière?
avez vous une référence de ressort au me donné pour insérer ce dernier dans la charnière.

Merci par avance


Hey! Thank you for your past purchase ❤️ We are running a limited-time CRAZY offer. You can get ALL our 300+ premium 3D models for free. Check out before the spots are full -

Your file is being sold on Etsy:
Etsy only lets the IP owners report, but this guy has 18 pages of selling free designs. Someone flagged my file, so I'm trying to play it forward a few rounds. Hope this helps.

Happy Fabricating,
Morgan Epps

j'ai imprimé le modèle de pokeball super réussi seul soucis que j'ai trouvé c'est les ressorts pas facile a trouver dans le commerce donc je les ai fabriqués .
encore merci pour le modèle.

Hello! I was wondering if you would consider making a version of this based off the old-style Pokeballs from Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Quel type de ressort vous avez utilisé


Ou avez vous un lien


First of all, thanks for your models.
I am trying yet to do on my personal 3D printer your pokeball model in order to store my switch games, but when I download your model, it seems that the white support inside the pokeball is merged with the lower half of the pokeball.
I saw that it seems to be two different parts, did you print them in two times and then glue them, or print in one time with a filament change during the printing?
Pieces name for the stl file is poke button.

Best regards