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and your wraithguard?

hey, is there any way I could access your wraithlord?

hello your discord link is broken

Is it possible to get your old Epic "egyptian" files?

Regards Tomas S

Hey are you going to make a command squad version of your imperial stormtroopers?

Command squad for what models? Galactic guard or Imperial stormtroopers?

The imperial stormtroopers, also do you have any plans for a HWT kit for the galactic guard?

I really like the Blood Butchers I can't wait to get my new printer to get this printed. Also, do you plan on making the ones with smaller shoulder pads modular? and having the smaller shoulder pads blank? I really like the skull covered design on the big ones and would think that would look cool on a smaller ones. Thanks for these awesome models! Greatly like them!

Sorry I won't be working on them more.

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Ah, no worries! Still grateful they are out there! Can't wait to print.

I do have one more question, pardon the lack of technical terms but, is the mesh for the miniatures mixable or are they all combined where you cant select and separate it. Just wondering. Still going to get them if not. Thank you again.

Hey there love your work Karnage! I bought a few files and I honestly can't even remember if the Nid Fex was a purchased one but I know it's not up anymore and it's a great file. But you redid it and fixed the legs up PERFECT and added even more details to the body. The only problem is that file doesn't have a head and I'm quite shite at CAD and such. Anyway you could contact me about it? I don't mind paying for it again.

Also looking for your lion model, specifically for the head, i want to use it instead of the one the new model comes with


Do you still have the file for Lion?

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this is a huge leap but is possible to get the blender file for the storm trooper legs and arms? i am making a tank interior and would like to have it crewed by the models!

I loved your intercepting troops, could you let me know how to get some.

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I second this! I would love them for some intercepting missions!

Same here man, the models look so cool!

How do I get the weapons which fit under the bikes?

Hello, really love the sculpts you made of the Hulk of Obliteration and intend to buy them, was just wondering if they come pre supported?

Love your stuff! How would I go about getting Chaos Marine Bikers? Let me know!

First of all, you have some amazing sculpts. I am curious if you offer a merchant license for any/all of your products. I'd like to sell the physical prints of these models. Thanks.

Hey man, do you think you could hook me up with your chaos marine bikers stl set you used to have on here?

Would you be willing to rely a version of the galactic storm troopers with only the bodies for a cheaper price point? I have tons of extra arms and heads I want to use!

Hello. Would you be willing to sell only the bodies for your most recent file, the storm troopers at a lower price? I just want to use up all the extra heads and arms I have!

Hello! Just wanted to let you know the discord link appears to be expired, and to ask a quick question - would it be possible to provide an STL for specifically the heads for the eagle-eyed snipers? I'd love to be able to use them for some currently headless models I have.

Pleased send me this File. I have 5 prints, the Models are perfecly.

just ran 2 sheets of the pre-supported set.

Of the set only 4 were completed without errors.

Most tended to fail around the elbows of the models or on the back packs.

Printed on a saturn 2 with elegoo water-washable resin.

Just wanted to give a heads up incase the pre supports may need an update

How ca. we contact you?

Hey mate I'm trying to grab the inceptors you used to have. Any chance of getting them? Happy to pay for the files! Let me know!


Hi, do you still have your Carnisaurus Fex model available?

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Are you able to add headless version of the pre supported storm troopers? That would honestly be amazing, thanks!