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Hi Marty, I just got your message about my supports for the Leviathan dred/ guardian armor. I can't remember exactly the support settings I used for that particular model since I did that over a year ago now. It's a bit hard to explain how I currently do my supports, because I use programs that many consider to be outdated. I can however give you a general idea of how I do my supports. For starters I would try to learn on smaller models and miniatures, so you don't have to worry much about the weight of the model. Second I would avoid computer generated support entirely, and place all supports by hand. When you support your models you have to think about a lot of different factors including weight, adhesion, bridging/overhangs, exposer/resin expansion, isolated islands, and minimal contact to the model.

There is a balance for everything, but as a general rule of thumb I would try to go with the smallest and fewest supports possible. the larger the supports the more damage to the model when you remove them, but having a large number of small supports can have a similar effect. I would focus load bearing supports that are bigger in places that won't be visible or a least be more obscured on the finished model (ex. bottoms of feet, under arms, ect.). If your model has a really steep angle you may need to run supports along it so it doesn't warp. A common mistake that many people do when first starting is thinking that the model has to be standing on the build plate with their feet flat. This works fine most of the time but sometimes just rotating it slightly can reduce the support needed. I hope this helps, if you have a question about something in particular or would like me to elaborate on something just ask, it may also help to get others opinions/experiences. you might consider joining one of the groups available on thingiverse, or check other forums.

Best of luck -Z