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Could not see your actual patreon package.
What will it be?

Hi, my friend and i bought keeper of temptation file however we dont know how to assamble them, especially coat, would you mind sharing pic of how models could should look? Thanks in advance 😊

The Gaaunt builder set has an erroneous filesize when downloading. It's supposed to be 300+ MB in size but it comes out as 2kb when downloaded.

i purchased your lesser demons of tempation and and greater demon of temptation... the greater demon DOESENT COME WITH ANY LEFT ARMS!
the lesser demons have scale issues, the heads are not correct with their bodies, an issue a had when i increased the scale of the bodies. also thier scale issues with some of the greater demons heads (also i dont think i need to mention a keeper of secrets only has 4 arms). im ben im at or 07979373630

Will you be making any more daemons of slaanesh models?
I love the ones you have already done and have purchased all 3 files.

for info contact me on on discord, it's right in my profile

I'm interested in your files and I've consulted your patreon, but I can't see what you do every month. Is there a social network where I can see what you do?

I'd love to see what types of models you will be doing in your Patreon. Any way to post some non-locked photos?

Can you PM me about acquiring commercial permissions, please?

Flaming Church is great! Are you going to do the other two weapon options?

Your flaming chicks models are sweet! I like that you have chosen to build your models as posable kits. I'm making a sororitas army and would like to use these models for the basic troopers. I really haven't found anything out there that I like any better than these. Have you made any boltgun options for these components?

Hey mate, love your Robodogs but got great Dogs already. Is it possible to only purchase your Rider files? would be great :)

All the best,