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The last file I have uploaded is an improvement to give more strength in that part I will send you the file by mail.

Hello My name is Ryan and i have purchased your 3D printable slide for the Hi Capa 5.1. I bought the one before for about $13 USD and i see you have updated the design. I have purchased that one as well. i see that the sides where the rear sight sit on the old model are flat and that same section on the new slide in the picture they are angled and follow the flow which is true to the original hi capa design. when i bought the new model, the sides by the rear sight sits were the same as the old model. if you could send me the file that is accurate to your photo on Cults3d that would be great. Contact me at I can send you a side by side picture if this email is confusing. Thanks!

to print the helmet use the DT600 dynamical tools printer, with a 0.6mm nozzle, the scale is normal, if you have a small or large head you must adjust the scale

I purchased a copy of your helmet and I'm about to print it. What size head does it fit in the default print?

hello, we use HP Multy Jet Fusion printer, for FDM XT-CF20 Filament or PETG filament, for this part it is better to print it vertically

Hi there, I have just purchased your Hi-Capa 5.1 slide. I would love to know what material and and particulars you used when printing? Was yours printed on an FDM machine, and if so was it printed vertically? Thanks in advance, Great model.