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Hi there, I have the Blast Eagle but realised printing it up that the tail fin is missing out of the files and also from the build plate options. How can I get this please?

The model is awesome!!

addad it to the built plate 5 it is also available in the pre-supported files

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hello! would like to ask if your whirlwind conversion in compatible with resin or plastic deimos pattern kits!
would love yo print it and use as scorpion!

have a nice day!

this is compatible with both, because the resin version is also based on the plastic version

Does the armored damocles fit the new deimos rhino?

Sorry I have not tested it on the new Rhino Design

There is a chance You have quad heavy bolter turrret for Yoy blaster eagle design ?

they are included in parts folder, but are not supported.

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Evening Ironmaster. Printed a few of your blast eagles in 15mm (ish) scale and they look absolutely fantastic, loving your work. That secret design though, that sure does look like something I've been trying to find a good proxy of for a while now... and would look soooooo epic next to those blast eagles.... any chance of one of those mythical direct links? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean, say no more, say no more....?

I can't seem to be able to download "Secret Design". Has it been taken down?

Same, I wanted to ask about it...

Love the Blast Eagle - any plans for his troop carrying cousin?

it's there but secret

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Unsure if someone else may have asked but the alternating fw predator weapons could that work on the standard plastic kit?

never had one in my hand so I can not tell, but with a little bit of grinding it should be possible

Hello, modeling is so nice. By the way, could you register the pewpew bird again or get the model file? I was going to download it, but it disappeared

sorry at the moment this model is no langer available, but ask on some discords or reddit, maybe someone will share the file

Hey mate in the alternate fw predator weapons can you design a mount with a sonic cannon as I have emperors children

I think someone else already did this.

There is every other tank but not a predator lol

Hi! In your ALTERNATIVE RHINO TRACKS is mistake. In _Tracks.stl parts just copied but shold be mirrored. ;)

you are right, updated the file

Tnx! :)

Nice Work!

Hi! Greate bike! Can you add version without bolters for i can magnetize it?

I added the parts, but they are not pre-supported

Thanks a lot! Its doesn't matter. I can add flamer and melta.

Hi there! Is there a STL part for the legs of the Blast Eagle? I can see the rear feet there but no legs to go along with them.

no there are no legs available

Do you have a donation button hidden somewhere? And does pew pew bird have a more battle bus related cousin for transporting interstellar Jarheads around?

Try there is also a version for Jarheads included

Good to know. I would hate for my jar heads to have to walk.

yes, it is designed for 28mm scale

Thanks, that helps me loads :)

Hi, i create real grate LR from you upgrades! Will attach creations photo to you projects. :)
Are you planned add volkite version to GROUND PLUNDERER UNARMORED SIDE SPONSON armored or unarmored version?

to be hones no, but I think ere are many huge Volkites around who will fit.

Ook, thank you! Enyway you models are greate! :)

I saw the Pew Pew Bird in my activity feed, I was super looking forward to that one! Will it be coming back? :)

yes, end of the week

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Hey great work on your stuff! Do you have a "Xyphon" to go with your alternative cockpit or does it go with another person's model?

Hello there ! Your Blast Eagle is a magnificent beast, would it be possible to make a Fire Raptor model from that as it looks to be the same frame ?

I'm already working on it.

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That's an amazing news ! Can't wait, i will make sure to post a print after you release the file !

I have seen the update on the Blast Eagle, great work on the hull it looks amazing. Still, no weapon option for Fire Raptor, is it still something you are working on ? (twin-linked avenger bolt cannon, wing-mounted hellstrike missiles and two ball turrets sporting either quad heavy bolters or twin-linked autocannon) ? I would love to post a make of this model as i find it so iconic !

yes, the release is planed end of this month

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Holy molly that is GREAT !

Hi! Are you planning create pintle-mounted wearpons for heresy upgrades?

And FYI your GROUND PLUNDERER PROTEUS ALTERNATIVE need to cut off some parts of model, so i cant create fully-magnitized model.

Hi! Do your "Alternative weapons" work together with your "Predator Conversion"?

No, they don't fit, some small changes has to be done. but you can take my turret selection. there are all these small changes already implemented.

Hi there. Would you please be able to post the stl file for the rear top section of the balst eagle transport that is un-supported??

Tail Wing, Middle Rear and Rear added, the rear is original made of several parts.

Hi, I love you work, It would be nice to see a deimos predetor style turret and side weapons with mounts, or maybe even a demios conversion

You can finde a predator upgrade kit here: Also additional Weapons are here:

At the moment I am working on some Rhino conversions and alternative front panels.