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I know this is a public thread but sadly I don't see anyway of sending you a PM, :-( Seeing how you've done plenty of KOF figures and also love boardgames, I was wondering if you had any plans to make a figure for Yamazaki and Rugal Bernstein. I actually printed your Geese and painted him and am currently using him for the street fighters miniatures game along with a custom deck i designed and posted on BGG. If you have no plans for them, is there some way we can talk about me possibly hiring you for the job to make them?

Hello, I'm glad you've been enjoying the Geese model. I didn't have plans for them Rugal/Yamazaki at this moment but I could do Yamazaki as a commission, email me at if you're still interested.

Hey, i've just started into the world of 3D printing and wanted to pass on a big thankyou for modeling Wargreymon and Omnimon from Digimon. Do you by any chance have a Wargarurumon to make the set? :D

Thanks for your models


Love your final fantasy XIV primal figures, hope you can make more ♥ i mean we deserve a nidhog human ver.

Very nice! Excuse me for interruption, сould Maximus St. from rev2 be expected?

Hola, muchas gracias por tu compra , espero que lo disfrutes.
Hello, thank you very much for your purchase, I hope you enjoy it.