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tried buying your baby T-rex model I think it is stupid to make someone download 10 different files. Would like to be able to do all at once so I can see what I am paying. Please refund my $4.13

The files are too big, forced to load in several times.
However, the different parts are indicated... I think it's stupid not to read what you buy.

um yeah i'm not going to buy the rest so refund my money

it's done, it's on hold.

Hi... I am trying to open a small 3d printing shop... I am printing your T-rex for a display... Im wondering if you are willing to allow me to re-produce your model for sale... for a share of the profits of course

At the moment, I often receive this request and unfortunately I will not respond favorably. Maybe in the near future (end of December - beginning of January), after I have drafted contracts to be able to do this and protect myself at the same time

Hi, I'm printing your Velociraptor skeleton and ran into a problem when I try and print the sternum. When I go and slice it in Cura 4.13.1, I get a message saying the file needs to be fixed in order to print. I've tried printing it vertically and horizontally and am not having much success. Is there a fixed version of the velociraptor skeleton sternum? Thank you.

Hi, quick question, can you please tell me about your T-rex model what dimensions all metal rods have (diameter / length [in cm])? Thank you!

Hello. Do you sell the entire model of the TRex? Or do I have to buy each set of the 10 part series? Thanks!

Hi just purchase your Pteranodon model, i'm admiring all the post processing/painting you have done and wondering if you have written a guide on your techniques/paint used? Kind regards Joe

Hello. Thank you Joe. I don't have a guide but you can check this tutorial:

For your baby t-rex you mentioned in comments that you have to scale down the head to fit if you printing the whole body. Is this correct or is it all printed at 100%?

You can print the whole model at 100%.

Hi I just bought your VÉLOCIRAPTOR but is missing Pelvis and skull, what's the deal, where is the rest

I have checked and you have downloaded all the parts so you should have all the files.
Skull = folder Part05/05
Pelvis = folder Part02/05

Took me a little while to figure out the different parts. Thank you, the models look really good! Later, I might get others you have.

Hello. This is Ben from Jurassic jabber. I was wondering what other full size dinosaur skulls you have. please email me at

I was wondering if I could print a few of your resonating Chambers and sell a couple I've already seen people on sites like Etsy have been using your model along with quite a few other individuals but rather than be them I figured I'd ask first.

Excuse me, can you provide a model without splitting?I bought all your models.

Is the baby triceratops full size?

Yes, life-size

Do you have an Instagram account? Would like to tag you in my Protoceratops skull-post.

Hello there...
Would it be possible to get a Pachycephalosaurus skull?

Hello. Would it be possible to buy the Allosaurus skull in two big files (skull and lower jaw), and so not divided in 71 pieces?

Hello. I don't share the one-piece models because of the fraudsters.

If I purchase the raptor full skeleton, do I get all 5 parts for the $15.xx (files), or must I purchase each file separately? Same with the T-Rex baby skeleton?

Hello. You can contact me by email :)

hey, just missing the protoceratops

Soon! :D

I just bought it and the head is damaged it does not open

I refer about "Majesty" the headey is not open

Hi, I bought the diplodocus model but did not realize it was broken into many small pieces!!! Can you please send me the complete digital model?

hi and thank you for your work! (and sorry for my bad english ^^) i am starting a small 3d design business and i would like to tell you about it. Can you contact me on Facebook when you have a little time and if you want of course;)

thetipgiver > In the beginning, the websites didn't accept large files... This is the reason why the models are splitted...

Who splits their model into 5 separate downloads, all created to look the same? Someone who wants to be paid 5 times for one item. Very sleazy.

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I want to buy the complete VELOCIRAPTOR skeleton, but I only find to buy parts.
Can you help me?

bonjour autorise vous la vente a petite échelle de vos œuvre une fois imprime en 3d, sous forme d'oeuvre sur socle.