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Hi Inhuman Species.
The link for the Baby T-Rex assembly is broken. Could you please look into/fix this for me. Thanks :)
(Beautiful model btw)

Good day, I want 5 skeletons of dinosaur life size (Triceraptos, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, T-rex, Spinosaurus), very detailed as baby T-rex, scale 1: 2, please send me a price offer and time execution on every skeleton.
Thank You ,

Your models are incredible. I've finished the bust of the baby t-rex and loved everything about it so far. Very challenging.

Hello Thomas! Yes, I have the complete skeleton of the Pteranodon but not available for the moment (I must prepare it).

Good day,

do you have the complete skeleton of the Pteranodon?

Yours sincerely


Hello!! Is the baby t-rex on a 1: 1 scale? Thank you