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I have a question about a model I made custom for someone that he purchased the files for from you. I would like to know how you want something like that to happen going forward and if I can make you a profit more than just from the files, I would like to.

Happy Xmas my friend. i have a question for you. do you do Models by request?

if you do i have a ton of customers for you.

listo, ya resubi el archivo!

hello i was going to buy one of your figures, the one piccolo kills raditz and goku, the price was 4dollars/euros, but now i see that the price is almost 20 dollars was that am special offer or something that ended or was is a mistaken price ?
anyway, i really love your figures, wish i could print them all. if the price drops again i will sure not miss my change again to get it.
thanks !

hi! im already upload the files! check it now!

hi man! thanks! all characters are in pieces to assemble! to make easier the printing!

Hello, Just wondering if your models come with a complete full model or if its only in pieces to assemble. I love your work but I'm looking for DBZ characters fully assembled.

Hello, I asked you a while ago if you would be able to make this and jiren a full model for me so i can scale it bigger. Can you please do this for me? Or tell me what scale to make them 12 inches tall? thank you.

bonjour je voudrais savoir quelle imprimante 3d utiliser pour imprimer avec différentes couleur merci

thank you for your modelsof DBZ
really top continues

hi man! i already sent you a mail!

how are you ?

can you make me a global price for all your stl files please ? (topo, jiren, gogeta, hulk, etc...)


my email is :

hi, cult zips all your models in 1 file rar, but when I unrar, it got the error. Can you upload them again and send the link for me? Thanks