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Hi friend, I have a small online business, and I was wondering, if I paid you per print, would you allow me to print and sell these? In good faith, I would send you a link to each product so you can keep track of how many I sell, and I will pay you an agreed price per print into your PayPal account each month. I will also mention that these earrings are your intellectual property, and you hold full copyright on them. You are very talented, some of the designs are incredible. You can email me at Kind regards, David.

I agree. I will allow you to pay me per print.

But I’m not sure if you can for example sell the spiderman earrings. Cause they have a copyright of their own. Marvel I believe. If you know what I mean.

Sure you can Grantew.

Bonne impression

Hello ! Thanks a lot for your help :) . As there is a copyright on your models, I wanted to be sure and to get your agreement. Have a nice day !

It’s fine. If anayone is asking just tell them you’re charging for material/maintenance and electrical bills. Thank you for messages me and show interest in my models.

Hello. I am a teacher in France. In september I will create a school mini firm based on 3D printing for dropout pupils. I have bought 2 broken printers with my own money and repaired them. The pupils will have to run the firm : they will buy the PLA and manage the stocks, they will build 3D objects and then promote them and sell them in a "school shop" to make a little money. Ultimately I would like them to build prothesis and work with the e-nable organization ( To start with, I am looking for small objects that are cheap and easy to build. There will be a selling at Halloween / Christmas / Valentine's day / Easter. So your Halloween earrings would be very popular for Halloween. Would you let me sell them within my school for a very low price ? The purpose is to make dropout pupils take an interest in school again (they will study maths / French / technology / management etc without realizing) and to make a little money to finance the building of 3D prothesis... Thanks for telling me. Best regards.