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Would be nice to add a editable file for the lids so we can add a logo on it!

Now you just need some valve covers to cover the cans from the sun

Thanks, I would like to. If you have any ideas can you pls send them over to my email or Instagram? Links in my Bio

You should make the v16 can cooler a W16 like what's in the Bugatti veyrons,chirons etc

that would be interesting, I will think about it and maybe I will on the incoming months

got any V8 and V6 bundles? not interested in 4, 12, or 16

Ok I will add one right now


What hardware is needed to print the new split models?

Same as for the V8 just a few more depending on the size, I will upload the instructions sheet now :)


Awesome. The V16 photo is fun too! I don't understand your notes about supports. Are we talking about adding supports to the print gcode? Not sure how that pertains to the cooling (cooling the cans? or cooling in the printing world?) as your notes say "you can add supports if your cooling is not good." Looks like your image is pointing to a little lip that might need bed supports to print properly, but those are usually broken off and don't know the relevancy to cooling.

I mean, if you have a nice printer with a big fan you won't need supports. Only on the red area marked on that image if you are going to print V8 split and up. I didn't use any supports on my printer to print V4, or V6 on my Bambu Lab printer

Hello, I just purchased your cooler file and have a question. The mini cans I have available to me are 57.65mm. Would you be able to add a file for those dimensions?

What file would you like me to change to that diameter?

Hello, scale down the files for regular cans (66mm holes) to 89.5% and it will fit perfectly 57.5 cans, the hole will be 59mm. Cheers

Glad you wrote this here for reference. I had just screenshotted this message in the update email. Thanks. Flex seal clear works btw. Thanks.

o también me vale la primera versión que hiciste de V8, están al mismo precio por lo que veo, espero su respuesta

Ya te respondi al otro

Hola, cometí un error al comprar uno de sus diseños, tenía que adquirir la versión V8 más actual pero me equivoqué y compré la versión V4, cómo podríamos solucionar el inconveniente, por favor

Mandame un email, esta en mi perfil

Sounds like you're an Aussie like me. I'm going to print one of these for my boat which is a mercury V6 so I'll order it shortly.
Quick question: can this be printed in one piece on a bambu X1 carbon?


Hi, regards from New Zealand ;) and yes the V6 fits perfectly on the X1C, you can also print the V8 split version and I'm working on the V12 atm. It will be added to the bundle

Is it possible to get a colorized version of the Mario phone stand?

Hello, the color version is already there. What printer are you using?

Hola Buenos dias.. Compre el archivo ENFRIADOR DE LATAS V8 PARA LATAS REGULARES Y MINI / SE ADAPTA A LA MAYORÍA DE LAS IMPRESORAS Queria saber si lo imprimiste PLA o que tipo de material? y en que calidad tengo q imprimirlo. Muchas gracias

Hola, lo imprimi en PLA+, pero PLA normal deberia valer tambien a menos que lo vayas a usar en un sitio muy caliente y dejarlo al sol, entonces recomiendo PETG que dura mas. En cuanto a calidad 0.2-0.24 esta bien, 15% infill y unas 3 paredes. De nada ;)

Good evening, I tried to download the files for the bundle again. The top for the cylinders do not come up in that file. Is there anyway that you could email them to me as an STL? I have the rest of the files in the download. My email is Thank you and God Bless

Hello, I just checked and they are all there, is the files called LID. But anyway I sent them all over to your email just now, happy printing!

Hello can you make a version of your van cooler holders for 16oz cans (sizes for monster / rockstar energy drinks)

Hello, what's the diameter of those? I would have to design an adaptor to extend the holes. If you contact me on social media might be easier to discuss this 😊

I believe the diameter is the same just taller. How can I contact you on social?

check out my profile, you got all the links there for my Insta etc

I really love your yoga dogs, is it possible to get them as german shepherds?

Hello, yeah I will add some more breeds at some point :)

Hi! Is it possible to print V8 on a ender 3 bed?

Yes the split version will fit an Ender

v6 itself does not need support? Or are the other pieces the ones that don't need supports?

V6 Does not need any supports on most printers, if your cooling is not the best you might want to add some on the holes on the sides but that's it :)

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Current mini can fits USA Red Bull. However, it leaks at the bottom. At two points it seeps out water. Is there anything I can do to fix this before I print the prusa v6 standard can?

It shouldn't leak, I printed mine and it doesn't even after 6 hours with liquid inside. So maybe increase your extrusion multiplier and add more walls, top and bottom walls and maybe infill

Seems to be leaking from the bottom layer. Picture the two passes it does around the perimeter and then the back and forth passes it does to fill that shape it made. Where the two meet, I have leaks. It’s more than two at this point.

You could also spray paint the inside with a clear coat

I just sprayed my second light coat of clear Flex Seal on the inside. Hopefully that does the trick. Also set a v6 to print on my Prusa at work for the holiday weekend. Fingers crossed.

I think all the support you put into this is astounding. Thank you. Suggestion for enhancement- it would be really cool if there were a way to add a custom logo/text/brand where the V4 is. I almost wish you made that plate a true rectangle so that it could be easily replaced with a homemade/customized part. Could be cool for the name of a pub, model of a car, person’s name, etc.

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Thanks :) about customizing the logo area that's easy. Too late to modify all the files and re upload though. It would take me a long time but I'm happy to provide the logo piece with no logo on it

Bonjour, je viens de télécharger le modèle v8 et je ne trouve pas la version coupée pour les petites canettes est-il possible de l'avoir merci!

Hello, I will soon add a plate that will convert it to mini cans, but that will be next week thanks!

Actually Im uploading it right now

Super merci beaucoup!!!

Your V6 logos in promo videos and images are two color. The V is one color and the 6 is another color. Are you doing something extra to achieve this? Extruding the 6 a little more than the V to support a color change? Or are you using some sort of color changing printer? Either way, this can't be achieved with the files "as is" right?

That's right I used a Bambu Lab X1C but you can still do a color change at height manually with any printer and it will look cool too

I just want to make sure I have the nomenclature correct for printing with a v6 Prusa Mk3s. Are these the correct files: V6 Handle Small Regular cans, V6 left logo, V6 right logo, V6 lid small regular cans, V6 motor fits prusa regular cans?

That's right, sorry the names are a bit messy with so many versions 😅

Suggestions: addition of a drain plug. It's easy to turn it over but leaving the plug open to actively drain the water would be nice.

Also instead of V4, do an inline 4. V4s don't exist.

Thanks so much, inline 4 is on the list :)

About the drain plug, yes and no. I didn't want to over complicate the model and by now I have way too many versions to add an optional drainage hole to each one :(

I wouldn't make it an optional drainage hole. It's a simple hole in the bottom, with a plug. I think all of then should have it. I'm going to edit the model and add it to mine.

Fair enough, however I looked into it a while ago and the ice will last longer if you leave the cold water inside. I do this with all my coolers and it really helps

I’m gonna print the standard can V6 before I bother you with an adjustment for mini cans. Standard cans are what I was interested in initially but I accidentally printed minis (and the wrong size minis. Lol). I may eventually do a v6 or v8 mini if they’ll fit on a prusa bed.

And thanks

Sounds good mate :)

i have a ender3 v2 and i am trying to print the small regular can engine block and it dont fit on my plate is there a setting i need to change

Hello, you have to unselect any skirt or brim and then it will work. If not you can slightly choose the bed size a bit larger than 220x220 on the slicer

the only way is to stand on end

I have seen people printed this on the Ender 3 so its possible, make sure you are printing the small version as they other one wont fit. The small version measures less than 220x220 so it will fit nicely

Please confirm that none of the 6 standard can are currently designed to fit on that Prusa. I just tried the most recent download and it appears out of parameters.

Ok I will upload right now the V6 to fit the Prusa, if you want the others too let me know ;)