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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Hey! Thank you for your past purchase ❤️ We are running a limited-time CRAZY offer. You can get ALL our 300+ premium 3D models for free. Check out before the spots are full -


I am catching up from the initial sale and the holidays, so please forgive the bulk mailing flavor of this message. I appreciate you selecting my files, though.
Make sure you check out my other files for Knight and Mech parts, most of which are free.

If you selected the Charity skulls for titans or knights, please know that your money will be going to a worthy cause, the Alzheimer's Society of the UK.

Also, please join my Discord, The Madness of John Bear Ross, to interact with other fellow prototypers.

I have big plans for this year, including a light/scout mech chassis that can use all my free Small Knight weapons, a mid-weight mech chassis that can use my free and paid Questing Knight weaponry, and perhaps even a Tall Mech chassis that can use the Project Ironhorse and similar weaponry.

Stay tuned!

John Bear Ross

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