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Hello, could you provide me an email please? I want to ask you something about a custom order :)

Wow that’s pretty big. Honestly I’m not sure how they would turn out printed that size. They are finely detailed but I never imagined them being printed at that scale. I suppose you could try it.

what size would be good for this ie i like large models

Models are scaled at approximately 32-40mm but they are very highly detailed. You could blow them up quite a bit if you wanted. What size specifically were you thinking?

I’m glad you appreciate my models. In fact I do have plans for models very much like you describe. I cannot say how soon I will be able to create those particular models, as I have plans for dozens of different models, but I hope that it will not be long. Keep an eye out for new releases as I am always working toward the next project.

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Have You business mail, I need to ask something?

Did You receive a mail yesterday?

Yes I received your message. Apologies for the delay. I have responded.

Doesn't matter

The Siren is an amazing design and with some slight modifications will make a stupendous Soap Dish

I’m glad that you like the model. I can’t say that I ever envisioned The Siren as a piece of bathroom decor, but there have been quite a few individuals who have told me that they plan to place it in their bathrooms. At least one has told me about having it printed in bronze. By all means, enjoy it as a soap dish if you like!

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