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I purchased the parrot jungle tree 3d file. After extracting the file I am only able to get the tree file. The parrot zip is showing as an xt file and not a printable file. Can you help? Thank you in advance.

I bought the Mecha T-Rex. Looks very cool, but the arms still fall off pretty easily. Legs too, but my son was able to get those back on.
I ended up wrapping electrical tape around the ball joints, but maybe tolerances could be tighter?

Thanks for purchasing my T-Rex. Sorry for the inconvenience. This model has been a little hit or miss for people. Your right I can tighten up the tolerances. The problem I had was it won’t scale down as well when I do. I’m going to spend some time working on him this week and get an updated file out. I really appreciate the feedback on this.

do you use supports to print the sledge bumper or wing mount?

Thanks for the question. No supports are needed. I designed both to be printed without supports.

Hello! Really Cool Files! Are you on Tiktok?

I do not have Tik-Tok yet.

I got it fixed I had to click the file directly instead of unzipping entire folder. Thank you for responding so quickly really love this design

Good to hear! Your welcome and thank you. Happy printing!

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hello, you have put 3mm top bottom aqnd side walls, but i use cura slicer and it just gives the number of top bottom and perimeters, do you know what that will translate into in numbers please

Its the perimeter setting you need. If your running a .6 nozzle you would have 5 perimeters. If your using a .4 nozzle it would be 7 or 8 perimeters. I print these with a .8 nozzle and 4 perimeters.

Is it possible to buy the stl file for the Sledge Front Bumper?

Thanks for the question. Yes, I can get the file up for sale. I have not personally tested the bumper on my own sledge so never uploaded the file. Tyson from Garage Life RC has been running it and only had good things to say about it. I know it bolts on just never ran it.

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Thanks, that would be great 🥳🤗🤩

The sledge bumper file is up.😁

The tail file failed and say its corrupt please help me out

Thank you for your purchase. I would be happy to help you. If you haven't yet, try downloading the file again. If that does not work then I will look in to uploading the file again. I would send it over email but the file would be to large.

Hey buddy I bought the Traxxas bandit speed kit and was just curious on how you went about mounting the back wing on

Thanks for your purchase. When mounting the wing use the stock hardware. Flip the wing buttons upside down so the screws go down through the top of the wing and thread in to the wing button. Hope that helps. Also, I just finished up testing a printed wing mount that replaces the stock wire mount. I will add that as an update to the speed kit.

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ceci n'est pas un reproche juste une remarque cdrl.

Thank you for downloading the Deep Forest Birdhouse. It is a functional bird house for small birds. It’s also a decorative piece that I designed to be easy to print. The walls are 3mm to 6mm thick. The roof is thicker is spots so that it will print with out support. I hope this helps. Thanks again and happy printing.

Hey buddy I bought the files to the traxxas bandit speed kit was just curious what was the links that you used for the front bumper and hardware for the rest

Thank you for downloading the speed kit! In the description you will find the Traxxas part numbers listed for all the additional hardware needed. Each piece of hardware is described as well in the case that you dont want to stick with Traxxas hardware. 😁

Only issue I’ve had so far is the holes for the wing the side pieces don’t lineup with the other holes so I had to take a drill bit and lined them up

i just downloaded your birdbox for free but im happy to pay which i will do when i have sent this message but is that the best way of mounting it , wouldnt two keyhole slots in the back for hanging on screws be easier ? Paul

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at doing that.

Are you planning to design other parts for the Sledge and offer them here?

I am currently testing a front bumper design. If all goes well it will be up soon. Are there specific parts you would like?

The body skids would be nice.

Bumper sounds great!

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hello i would like to tip you and ask you how much it would cost me to be able to sell a few of these birdhouses please ?

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Thanks! I am glad you like the bird house. Thanks for asking about selling them. I will have a Patron account set up in the near future for you to subscribe to and receive a license to sell printed versions of my designs. That should be set up in the next few days. Happy printing!

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are future design updates of the wing mount included with the purchase of the actual Design (if there are any updates in the Future)?
Kind regards,

Yes. If we find ways to make the mount better I will definitely make those updates available for people who have already purchased the mount.