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Hola Gerardo, escribo de Chile, necesito hacer un molde para cerrar empanadas de 18 cm con nombre personalizado. Me podrías ayudar con esto?

Te dejo mi correo y mi whatsapp

Miguel Rojas.

hey there,

just wondering what filters this mask is designed for

Is your Metal Gear Solid Venom Snake bust able to be printed on an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer?

hola que problema seria el que tiene ?

hola ,hoy compre el archivo de dinosaurio rex y no me llego correcto ,grasias

Hello, I bought the MK11 Scorpion mask. But the models are not correctle sit in the 3D space. When I import them into the slicer, the tap, mask and the other piece is on the space. Not sitting on the bed. Can you fix this please? My e-mail is

estimado , disculpe la confusión , por favor envíeme un email a para enviarle su archivo sin cargo , en breve haré la corrección

ordered the ballet shoe stl file from you. When downloaded only the tutu file was in there. I ordered because i need the shoe file not the tutu.

Hi. No worry about the delay. Currently your "Unicorn and flower Cookie Cutter" file is licensed under the Cults "Copyright" license, which means I'm n ot allowed to sell 3D prints made from your 3D file. But according to this link: , the designer (you) can give special permission for someone to sell 3D prints they made with your design.
So, if you are in agreement, may I please use your 3D design to make 3D prints to sell?

Thank you.

good day friend, I do not understand your query, excuse me, what do you want to do?
I apologize for the delay in the answer, I just got the email

I hope you are well. You probably get this a lot, but will you be interested to give permission for one or some of your designs to be used commercially by me please? I intend on selling the 3D prints, but only with your permission. Specifically at this point I'm looking at the Unicorn cookie cutter

Whatever your decision I'll respect that and keep to it.


Hi there. I bought your PJ Masks cookie cutter set yesterday. They are good but unfortunetly the Red masks doesnt print right. The supports doesnt attach to the outline. Please help. Thank you.
If you want me to send you pictures of the print, you can email me on