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Hi Geoff, i recently saw a post on facebook from someone showing off some spooky lighter cases and they said it was HEX3D, I assume these are a recent release for your patreon only?

Dear Cults3D Buyers,

Greetings from the world of 3D modeling! I am your 3D model creator, specializing in crafting intricate designs that are not only visually appealing but also available in various formats to suit your needs.

I take immense pride in presenting my diverse collection, from detailed One Piece resin models to elegant Fan Shape Shells, versatile Door Bell Frames, exquisite Oyster Shells, and charming Seashell designs, perfect for celebrating Valentine Week in 2023. Additionally, I offer a Cricket Set for enthusiasts of the sport.

Explore the world of possibilities with my 3D models, available in .stl, .obj, and 3mf formats. Whether you're looking for keychains, jewelry pieces, gadgets, tools, or even unique sea shell creations, you'll find something to captivate your imagination.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your projects and creations with these exceptional designs:


    • Dive into the world of One Piece with this captivating resin model: View Model

    • Embrace the beauty of nature with this elegant Fan Shape Shell: View Model

    • Elevate your home decor with this stylish Door Bell Frame: View Model

    • Discover the intricate details of this Oyster Shell masterpiece: View Model

    • Celebrate Valentine's Week with these charming Seashell designs: View Model

    • Cricket enthusiasts, gear up with this detailed Cricket Set: View Model

I invite you to explore my portfolio and witness the craftsmanship that goes into each of my creations. Download, print, and bring your ideas to life with these 3D models.

Thank you for choosing my designs, and I look forward to being a part of your creative journey.

Warm regards,

ou juste m'ecrire que vous m'autorisez à les utilliser a des fins commerciale svp c'est juste pour des brocantes,et des marchers merci

bonjour serait il possible d'avoir une license commercial sur votre design merci

Curious - how tall is the slimer? Thanks

hiya does the halloween skull candy bowl require supports

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I found it on the web - ebay for your great projects and the sinclair c5 trike project, I used to have one when I lived in England and I would like to print its model, I see that you are the author of this project on this ebay auction, or can i buy it from you? pay by Paypal? thanks and regards Sebastian

I don't know if you have had this suggestion for your hairy creatures you make but I thought maybe you could make a big foot or cousin it?

hello I wanted to ask if you also create masks as an order?

Hi, I recently upgraded my printer and it now has a larger build plate (300x300x400). I was wondering if you can provide larger pieces for the helmet, mask and neck. I tried combining the small parts together and it is very difficult. This if for the Darth Vader reveal helmet.

Hello, thank you for this great 3D model. As written in the description, and as I purchased a big printer, would it be possible for you to send me the different armor parts uncut, please ? I'd appreciate that :) Best regards, Guillaume.

I meant the Deathtrooper

bonjour existe t il un socle ou base pour la tete de predator

is it of to still the prints of the cracked egg?


Just wanna to ask the files you got here are they on Hex3d to ? more if it is okay to sell them or not....

See you on the otherside

<----FULL MEMBER on Hex3d

These are all quite old compared to the patreon, but like all my models you are free to sell your prints, I place no restrictions on that

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thanks :-)

I just purchased the Darth Vader Helmet. I love the detail of this model, however I am wondering if I can get the helmet, neck piece and mask in larger pieces? I have a larger bed on my printer and would like to try printing it in larger pieces.

Massive issue with the scout trooper helm. Check my “make” to see the issues. But in short, whole face goes together well but the top “dome” is all out of whack with the rest.


Would like to know why Peeps cut files, yet do not add alignment holes, to be able to more easily assemble them? This makes no sense to me.

Because the first thing people ask for is a cut set of files.

Just my opinion ,although I believe your customers would appreciate the ease of assembly if there were alignment holes added.

I just made the purchase of this and have been loading the dome files in my slicer,S3D, and already seeing problems with it. The dome is not as smooth as I was hoping it to be. On both the dome 1 and 2 parts, you can clearly see creases, near the center and feathering out towrds the outer portions. Do not think they are suppose to be there. Doesn't appear that I can load an image to show what I am talking about. Man I am getting tired of purchasing files that have obvious flaws in them.

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I purchased a file for this from someone else and found there is no fricken way for it to fit properly. My eyes will not line up with the opening, and allow for my chin to be covered, so before purchasing you files for this, I want to know how well it fits, does it fit well? I don't see any images of it on an actuall person, and not sure I want to make this purchase with out seeing that.

?? did you really just f***** ask me that??? so you bought my files.. of someone else (who shouldnt be selling them...) but now you're here asking me for help? mate, go home and rethink your life.

This was not your file, that is not what I was saying. You do not have to be so rude, unbelievable.

I think the account was hacked or something. As 8 months ago the replies were that of a mature helpful person. All of the replies to us came on the same day, were totally rude or showing a complete lack of concern over something that someone would have spent lots of time trying to make for the community.

Could I get the files for the Darth Vader Helmet in a non-sliced form?

Thank you!


Hi, can you make an eye mold so I can press fit an acrylic sheet for the eye piece?


hi there great stl i see that you can send through the file in a different slice is it possible instead of so many parts to send through parts un sliced so i can slice them myself
many thanks


Dear Sir,

I think his 3D models are very interesting. Is there a possibility that other ghosts from the Ghostbusters line such as Vigo (6 inches tall) or the Jogging Ghost will be posted? Thank you!


Youve made some truly beautiful models!

Hi Sir! I already pay the vader helmet, but can i get some file without cut? My printer size is allow it.

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