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Had a great time printing the "ED-209 (FILM ACCURATE 1987)".
Any chance you would model the 2014 movie version? Got it from another website but not nearly as good as your prints.

Please let me know if you do, will be your first customer.

Hi. I would do the 2014 ED-209 but there aren't very many high quality reference images. Also, Gambody has this one - If you have that one, let me know what you don't like about it. I actually bougtht that model too but haven't built it yet.

I can fix what you don't like or add to it. Or just redo it from scratch. I do have a pretty big model ahead of me from Fallout that I've been trying to get to.

Hello, thank you for Baymax model! I have improved eyes though so they are curly and follow head's shape. I could email you that STL with Eyes v2 which I fixed. :-)

Sure send it to Thanks!

How much to print (GOOD DOCTOR - TOY SCALPEL - INSPIRED BY DR. SHAUN MURPHY) and have it shipped to 48875 - Portland MI?

Hola, ¿puedo usar el diseño del ranger de interstellar para imprimir y pintar, y venderlo?
Muchas gracias!

Hi I have just purchased your ED-209 wonder if you can help I am looking for the feet files but can't seem to find them the 3 toes can you tell me what they are named please thanks Richard.

Hi. The file for the 3 toed foot is - Foot_V4_x2.stl. I just downloaded the package and the foot is in there. Let me know if you need more help.

Freebug, you star. I have been pissing myself laughing at this for about twenty minutes. I love Tigers so much I proposed to my wife in front of the one at Bovington, but this is now my favourite. Do you know where I can get more Chibis? They've perfect for my Epic orks. I've looked on the web but no luck so far. Thanks and keep up the good work. Mark

Hey, glad you like it. I'm about to start work on yet another Tiger 1 chibi that's much better. However, I do have 2 projects ahead of me. There's a T55 chibi on Thingivers -

I thought about making a bunch of new chibi tanks like M1A2, Leopard 2, T92, etc... but no time yet.

Anything you can do is fine by me, my friend. Certain tanks do seem to lend themselves to it, don't they? M60, Shermans, Matilda, Pz38t, T34 . . . KV2 (actually, that was just a Chibi ahead of it's time). Thanks for this anyway. Anything I can shove an orks head out of looking mental like this is a total bonus. Mark.

Hi, sorry to disturb, can you help me out understanding how to use the base files? i do not see a mounting point for the larger shaft, thanks..


Which model are you referring to? Glad to help.

Corbin's Taxi, thanks for any advlce

bonjour, le modèle comporte combien de pièces? ayant une elegoo mars 2 pro


You know what my job is ... It's digitizing toys. This file is not an identical replica of the ship, this is the original toy, I did not put more or less details on it. The description of the item indicates that it is a work inspired by a real toy. The file was created by digitizing a physical product, it is not extracted from any video game. The photos in my publication are explicit, all the details shown are real, I do not use drawn textures, in the photos is the general sculpture.

Hey, right now 3 out of my 4 printers are broken..... I would say $100 including shipping to you. The model is quite large so USPS will be a bit more than normal. However, let me message you when I'm back up and running.

Hi I am still interested in a price from you to print the taxi. Shipping would be to Ohio 44130

I uploaded the wiring diagram. It's pretty basic. The model is made for 3mm LEDs. You can get them anywhere like Amazon. You can have as many LEDs as you want. I have 31 in mine (I lit up the dash). From there test every LED you want to use with a coincel 2032 battery or other. Solder the red to the proper lead on the LED. Solder the black to the proper lead on the LED. I left each lead to the LED at about 11 inches so you can trim later. Now tie all the reds leads together as one. Do the same for black. Then connect the red to your power supply for + and the black to a switch and then switch to batter (-). That's about it. You may want to add a small resistor but you don't have to. The wiring does get bulky so plan it out before you start soldering and cutting wires. Have fun.

I can't find the wiring diagram for the leds. Do you intend to make also the police vehicle present in the film 5 th element ?
Thank for your answer

Yes, in terms of a wiring diagram, I will be adding that to the file this weekend. Basically, you need a bunch of 3mm LEDs and some resistors (to avoid burning out the LEDS since it will be direct drive - voltage straight into the LED). I am powering mine using 3 rechargeable AA batteries with an integrated switch.

Also coming is an assembly guide to help people along. It's pretty straight forward but it's nice to have. I'm not much of a Youtuber but for something like this, I will put together a video on how I did it (will be making another one).

Hang tight!

I bought the Taxi of Korben dallas and I would like to put leds like you. But I don't know anything about leds assembly. Do you have a plan for the printed circuit for all the leds?
Thanks for your answer

Hey the taxi is 458mm long or so. It is big but awesome.

Hi again, You peaked my interest. Could you let me know how much the 5th element taxi alone (with out base) cost. I can do
assembly. Thank you

If there are lots of great photos that I can reference, I could do another Metal Slug Vehicle.

You can download the Vertibird and you should see the 3 parts for the Mini Nuke base. I printed the entire model at .1mm layer height and all FDM prints will require sanding.. If you have space, you can scale it larger and by scaling larger, you also increase wall thickness.

The model is 11 inches long. If you get a price (which can be expensive) let me know. I could print and ship to you in the US ((I'm in N. Cal).

Great items you have. I do not have a printer but have someone who prints for me so I have to ask a couple questions

Final version of the Veritbird from Fallout 4 does that come with the bomb base ?
Great job on the 5th element taxi. In the discription it does not say it being a stl it ?

Here is the concerns my printer partner has.

I should warn you however, FDM printing is a different print technology than the SLA resin prints I sent you previously. Even at a 0.1mm layer height (which is finer than the layer height stipulated) there will be a fair bit of sanding and finishing of the final model on your part. So as long as you’re ok with that I can definitely print it for you.

From the sounds of it, this is a rather large model. Do you know the overall dimensions? I have rather large FDM printers here so I’m not too concerned about printing large models, I’m more curious seeing as a model that weighs 4lbs is a lot of plastic.

I will forward your response to him
Thank you very much