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Awesome design. Anyway to make the screw tighter or longer. My kids keep losing the cup. Thanks!

Thanks! You can tighten the lid by scaling it up on the X and Y axis only [DO NOT scale the Z axis]. So to go tighter, scale it to 101%. If that becomes too tight though, you could try 100.5% or something like that :)

Thank you!

Hi do you make this one as a 3 piece screw cap also?

Hi. Are you aware there are shops on etsy selling these keychains? I wasn't sure if they're able to be sold and was looking into selling them myself but I don't know what your license restrictions are. However I did want to make you aware of the other shops.

Hi JeriH,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, I’m aware they’re selling the printed files. I’m fine with them selling what they make (the physical product) - just not sharing, selling, etc. the files or any derivatives of it. 😃

Fourdom Designs

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I'd like to add a fillet to the lid on the pineapple tumbler. Did you model these in Fusion?

Hello. No, I didn’t model them in Fusion360. However, since the file is in .stl format, you should be able to modify it in Fusion if needed.