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Hello! I buy your flexi-hand. I want de update-hand, if is possible. Thanks

Bonjour je recherche l'astraunaute mais pas avec buzz dedans mais avec la tête de squelette 😢

Best Flexifactory,

Is there a pack where you can buy all items ?

No there isn't

Re elephant
Firstly I should say that I’m new to 3d but I have had trouble printing this in resin. 4 attempts and all failed, but printed fine. The issue is getting the parts to flex. All 4 would not allow me to bend the trunks. 2 snapped off. Other 2 just remained unbendable. First print, the join in the legs were welded in place and unbendable. The other 3 I was able to get to semi work with a lot of filing and cutting.
It’s a shame as I wanted them for my little grandchildren.

Hi there. Just getting my feet wet with the resin printer. Once I learn a bit more, I anticipate providing a resin file with custom supports. For now,, many of them do work, but experience is needed. Works great in PLA!

can you make me a chameleon that can climb on logs that flexi

i also have your patron am under soa3dprintingllc

Hi there. I think I responded to you on patron :)

Hi I have bought the articulated fox but I am having trouble with the legs on it, it prints beautifully but the legs won't fold at the body they brake, what am I doing wrong please

Make sure you don't print with supports. and also, you can send pics to Hard to say what the issue is until I see it. Thx!

My 2 I've printed the thumbs fall off.....anything I should do to try and fix that?

Make sure you don't print with supports. and also, you can send pics to Hard to say what the issue is until I see it. Thx!

i joined patron , , how do i get the 40% off from cults on your older stuff ?

Unfortunately, Cults doesn't have the ability to offer the 40% off...yet! But I think they are working on a way to do it.

I run an elementary school robotics club, my students would like to print a couple of your designs and have a silent auction to raise money. Since we are learning about proper behavior and copyright laws they realized they would need permission. May they print a few for this reason?

Please email me at Thx

Hello, I love your work, especially the collection that you are starting of dinosaurs, I was wondering if you had planned to make more dinosaurs and what would be the next ones???
You have delighted me and my friends and we encourage you to create more dinosaurs, here you have loyal buyers of your models, thank you very much, I await your response!

si me haces un ankilosaurio y un braquiosaurio, me caso contigo

Hi there. Yes, I have another dino coming...but I'm not telling what it is yet :)

Good day,
I am interested in selling your files in printed form.
You will have a link to your site, you will be labeled as a creator.
I am an e-shop beginner.
thank you

You must be a member of to be an authorized seller. Otherwise all my files are copyright protected. thank you

Good day,
I am interested in selling your files in printed form.
You will have a link to your site, you will be labeled as a creator.
I am an e-shop beginner.
thank you

Hi there. You need to be a monthly subscriber to my to be able to sell prints. Thank you!

Thank you!

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You have to be a monthly subscriber to my patreon to get authorization to sell

no vendes por pack , para que salga mas economico


Thank you for you hard work I bought most of your prints a few to go hope your making more my grandkids love them thanks again Jim lacomb

Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy them :)

I bought the T-REX and it's printing as we speak, will be 5 long hours :D
Btw, I would die for a flexible chicken ;)
Keep up the good work!

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Great idea!

Hello, I'm big fan of your work and was wondering is you had any tips about balancing 3d models like your Flexi elephant. Also how do you make sure your model won't need supports? Is there a certain technique you have? Thank you!

Haha yes...probably over 100 techniques. Trial and error, plus years of experience, honestly. ;)

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I'm looking for a flexible winged dragon file. Do you happen to have one?

I do not. Try Cinderwing...she has several!

Greetings, what brand and color PLA did you use on the Crocodile pictured on the site?


TTYTL3D quick changing filament on Amazon

What rules do i need to follow to print and sell your designs?

Only need to be a monthly and continued subscriber to my patreon.


Hi - I am going to purchase this is SO COOL!!! Before I do...just curious how it prints with no supports...I have a Dremel 3D45 printer. Can I use the regular PLA filament? Thank you.

I never use supports, it is my business model.

out of all of the prints on cults, yours are the best. You know it. My kids love them. I love them, thank you.

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Very cool compliment. Thanks a bunch!

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I think I answered you on a different forum. thanks for the idea!

Hi I just purchased the flexi fox model and was curious it says it doesnt need supports but what about the head? wouldnt that need support because of the heads overhang?

It does not. Never any supports needed. Supports can actually cause issues.