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hello, i was interested in trying your CGC stand files, whats the one without the 7mm allowance, is it deeper? I havent used my printer in awhile and need to get back at it =]

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Hello , happy to see you are interested in my stand. The 7mm is the distance the slab goes into the base at its lowest point. It allows for the max amount of the slab to be seen. More slab on display essentially:)

your Captain America Shield when its done will it be the same size as the one in the show

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Hello Wildmutt53, yes , it will be roughly 2.5 feet in dia. you can also scale it up or down depending on the size you need :)

hello just foud your CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD and it looks great i dont have the money needed right now is there any way you could help with the CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD

Hey! I love the captain america shield. What would it coast, to make an imperial star wars shield in the same way?

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Hey DRPINGUIN92, Thats sounds awesome, can you send me some pics of what you were thinking ? if the design isnt overly complicated , i would imgagine it wouldnt be too expensive to do :)

Hey! Thank you for the prompt answer. I was thinking about the same Design of your "Captain America Shield" in two other Designs: The Star Wars imperial shield in style of this:
or this:

And maybe a hydra shield version? My friend and I want to hang them on walls. The Hydra Shield is already there but in bad desings to build it together:

Greetings from Germany

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Hey DRPinguin92, I love these ideas, DM me on IG so i can send you some sketches of the design, i want to make sure they are right first. The Star Wars imperial shield, will the symbol be taking up the entire shield or just the circle in the centre ?

Greetings from Ireland.

hi, i love that zelda stand you made for the gameboy color. I was hoping to find a Grip made for the gbc on here but there are none! A designer named x2brute made some really awesome gba and gba sp comfort grips for reference, but nothing for gbc! Is there any chance you could make one with your design? I have large hands, and some handles on each side would be awesome lol

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Hi Look at my things, i can certainly have a look into this for you , ive never done a hand grip desin before so i dont know how well it would turn out. Have you got some links to some previous designs ? DM me on IG for a faster response, ive been on holidays so i havent checked cults in awhile. :)

Merci pour le suivi

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