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Hello. I would like to try designing fdm optimised miniatures. Any tips on things I should consider when designing? Thanks

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No specific tips-- I'd say, sketch out what you want to do, then study how other people have done it so you can make your own. DutchMogul, Arbiter Miniatures and Briteminis all do fantastic supportless miniatures. :)

Love your primitive mechs. Are you planning to do more?



Would you make the line holder mech? With your style it'd look good.
Could call it the perimeter guardian.

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Dear Ellie,
I like some of your works. I consider to buy some of your design but I have a question.
Can we sell the 3D printed parts?

I have a $30 merchant tier on my Patreon. As long as you are signed up at the $30 merchant level, you can sell prints of my creations. Thank you!

Dear Ellie, I really liked some of your work and bought 3 of them. If you want, we can do new works together. You draw what I have in mind and I can buy it. I will be very happy if you reach me on whatsapp +90 533 452 89 94


I have bought the Dalecarlian Rune Set and was disappointed to see they are flat on one side. Do you have a copy of them that are rounded on all sides?

Many thanks,


Hello Costa, they are optimized for FDM printing, so they are flat on the bottoms for printing purposes.

Thank you,

Just saying that your gaslands stuff is awesome. From a femboy who is way too into tiny little cars, thanks for more bits :3

hello, good day, I would like to know if I could get some assembly instructions for RUINED SKYSCRAPERS

so that I can know how many units to print of each different piece. Thanks a lot.