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thank you so much for the ACW figures. Is there any chance for mounted command figures?

Hi, love your models, I have successfully printed your Napoleonics in 15mm and they look great. I have a favour to ask :D, would you be able to provide a set of your horse poses with no riders?

Hi, love your figures. Just tried to download "Napoleonics - Part 20 - Austrian Hussars" but the link seems broken !

Great work here. Which type of 3D printer do you use for your figures? FDM or Resin?

Hello Mr. Harrison

You have done a service for the public by posting your work.
I AM a fan to toy soldiers and use to belong to the
I'm inactive not and I'm trying to learn 3d design and eventually own a 3d printer.

I have been going around and downloading files and looking at them in editing/viewing software
to learn from people in the field. Sort of how I learned programing languages years ago.
Your generosity with your intellectual property is very Helpful and appreciated.

I have been able to accumulate a library of 3d files and I am looking at each example
I'm also writing to the authors were they list their name in the files or were I remember were I got the original

Thank you for sharing

Laz Rodriguez

Dania Beach Florida in the USA

Do you offer any licensing? For people that would be interested in printing your files for sale?

Bonjour, je trouve votre travail remarquable . Il me tarde de les imprimer et de les peindre, j'espère vous arrivez à l'orteil. Juste deux questions , combien de temps vous il vous a fallu pour imprimer le bâtiment et combien de grammes de plastiques vous a été nécessaire? Merci à bientôt


I didn't aim for a specific scale - as being aimed at wargame figures of 28mm scale there is a large variance, so I create them by eye. They are around 1:64 -> 1:72 (ish)

Cheers IanH


Can you tell me on which scale from the original buildings, the 3D buildings are made ? ( Like; 1:87 or 1:32 etc etc ).

Thanks in advance.


All the character silhouettes should be in the file of "RIPPER'S LONDON - THE CHARACTERS". See the same file in Thingiverse if you want to download individual ones...

Do you have a separate file for the people silhouette that you show with your Ripper sets?

I’m sorry, I don’t - but the pictures should give you a full view of the part placing. If you require a picture from a particular angle, please let me know. Good luck and regards. IanH

bonjour auriez vous un schema de montage des vos creations de boutiques londonniennes .merci de votre reponse