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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Hey y'all!! I am wondering if you have the sun tarot card cutter stl file as well? And any other tarot card cutter stl file? I'd Greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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Hello! Currently we do not have the requested designs. If you want a personalized STL design, I encourage you to contact our EULITEC design team through our email:

We are working diligently on creating new designs and could offer personalized assistance to meet your needs.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! We look forward to providing you with the designs you request soon. If you have any other questions or need additional help, do not hesitate to let me know through our email

Je suis à la recherche d'une texture 3d effet cuir, pour imprimer un vase avec une surface de cet effet.
Sauriez-vous où je peux trouver çà sur le net, je ne trouve que des textures de rendu et non un 3d exploitable sur logiciel 3d.

Salut! Dans notre cas, nous créons nos propres textures.
Il existe un site où vous pouvez vous procurer les textures :

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Hello VEROMANCERAIRUELA thanks for your message, we will send the modifications to your email, if you can please write to our email:
Soon we will update the file and you can download it from cults3d

Hola BARBAROJA3D , gracias por tu compra, se recomienda imprimir rodillos de textura utilizando una altura de capa muy baja, como 0.1 - 0.15 mm para un mejor resultado. Esto es en impresoras FDM, al no saber el modelo de la impresora y el slicer que usas no podemos darte una configuración en especifico. En Argentina un modelo de impresora muy usado es la Ender 3, usando Slicer Cura con el perfil de impresión Dynamic Quality obtendrás buenos resultados y será una impresión rápida


I recently purchased an stl file from you and is unable to open. Can you help me with that please? I also purchased many other shapes from other deisgners and I encountered no problem opening them. Can you send me another file?

Hi, the .stl files provided on Cults3d are kept intact when uploading and downloading from the site, so you only need to download the file again if you want the file. Keep in mind that if you use Prusa Slicer you will have problems detecting thin walls of 0.4 mm, so we recommend that if you do not have knowledge of the correct use of Prusa you can give CURA SLICER a try, which is perfect for anyone who has no experience in the impression and also Cura detects the thin walls of 0.4 mm.
With this, if you need the files and want us to send it to your email, you must first leave the email. Without further ado, we await another message from you where you provide us with your email or write to our email or fill out this form below to help you with your request:

Hi, I am having trouble downloading this file

Hello, to help you we need more information, we simply can't do anything without you telling us directly what's going on, keep in mind that to download files you need internet, you can't download files but we don't know important details:
What browser do you use?
Have you checked the network status?
Do you have several antivirus installed on your computer?
Did you check if it only happens here at
Did you make sure that the antivirus or firewall does not affect?

There are many things that can be happening on your computer, so with your little information we cannot help you.

Here is the link to our website so that you can describe to us what is happening and we can help you:

Keep in mind that this conversation on cults3d is public, so we don't recommend leaving your data exposed.

Buenos dias. Queria vender sus cortantes (impresiones, no los modelos digitales) queria consultar si habia algun problema con eso. Gracias.

Hola buen día Pablom3, puedes contactarnos a través de nuestro correo : para las solicitudes que desees. Igualmente nuestro objetivo es que nuestros clientes puedan obtener ingresos vendiendo el producto físico

Hello, you can write to my email:
You must give more information about the following: Printer you use, Slicer you use

Ender 3Pro,sliser- Cura last version, nozzle 04

Hello, this configuration is the one used so that the rollers print with a good definition, keep in mind that the printer must be calibrated, the taut belts, the ambient temperature together with humidity and dust also cause printing problems . Below is the screenshot of the configuration

Do you have a picture of a successful finished product of this model? I have bought from you about 30 models and only with this one I have a problem. The problem is not in my printer and slicer.

Hello, I have purchased roller-polymer-clay-runaway-halloween-eulitec but it is 0 bytes and it is unable to download.

Hello! Has your problem been resolved? This happens when there is no internet download speed, write to my email and I will send you the file

Thanks for your cooperation. Now I was able to download it. The models are wonderful- thank you!

Hi, I have purchased "POLYMER CLAY CUTTERS SUN CIRCLE /EULITEC.COM/CC/COPYRIGHTED LICENSE" yesterday but when I downloaded the file I see that it is a different stl file named "circle with lines". Can you send me the original stl file?

Thank you for your designs. Have a nice day.

Hello BEORNAR, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the wrong files, we have already uploaded the correct ones, any new inconvenience write to us at and we will immediately respond to your problem

hello good morning I would like to know with what program you design the rollers with textures, I see that they are very interesting or how much do you charge for designing one similar to this?
Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Hello, for more information write to our email

009089253-0001 here is the Copyright number in European Union. Feel free to check in EUIPO. All creators know about you and you can also tell how many of them reached you before and you ignored them disrespectfully. Can you also please send your copyright number if do you have any ?? I don't think you have but I'll be waiting to see your copyright number.

You have no idea what you are saying, it makes it directly clear and exposed which is the stolen design according to you, do you know how to add images here? Go to each design that I steal from you and comment on it and leave the registration number and the image where you verify that you are the owner of said design. A registration number which nobody can confirm that it is a registered design is absurd, where customers can validate the truth of your accusations and see the registered design? There simply isn't, because you intend to steal a registered design of mine, and you're upset that I sued you for said design.
It's easy to create a new account and go around accusing, that's cowardly, what kind of designer are you who doesn't even have a portfolio of designs on your profile? Continue with the clothes, that will surely take away the stress of money. Don't waste time with people you don't have a clue about designers, contact lawyers and let them follow the course of your conversation

Still waiting your copyright number for your design which you stole it from me.

Leave here the link of the stolen design, so my clients know which design not to buy because you are the inventor, leave your design link and the date you designed it, so it is clear to whom it belongs, show the proofs and not only the accusations, I want to see your design here, leave the link

I already left copyright number and there is a picture of my design there too :) You already know what are you stealing and I’m the not only one. I’m not gonna waste my time with THIEVES. Owner of websites Cults3D already have enough proofs from my first sale in 2021 and registered copyright. Cheers and have fun with Stealing.

That's why you used a fake account now, so no one sees your despair, excuse me that now I see your despair and it has been published

Why don’t you still sending copyright number ? You will always follow us and steal our designs instead of creating yours…that’s unfortunate you have no talent to make your owns…pitty…take care 👋

I understand your annoyance, I leave my clients a screenshot of where the annoyance lies, I designed the following cutter, registered with date here in cults, the reference is this:

Geometic Style Polymer Clay Cutter

But since your little imagination is blinding you, you come and steal it, then you sell it on Etsy and according to you you have the record, by the way, your design is blocked and that's what bothers you.

The copy of my design is this:

Geometic Style Polymer Clay Cutter

In 10 days it will be available again, since the law requires that this Ufuk thief demonstrate his registration with evidence, which I doubt he has. so there will be a better image of the design that you stole from me and that you did not present the registration number. Now, if you don't care about Cults3d as a place where great designs are registered and published with date and time, it's your problem and not mine, show me the registration of this design, I'm looking forward to it.

Why are you still not sending your copyright number ? You have a great opportunity that can proove I’m telling lies. Go on I already send mine and where is yours ?

What better record than the one I'm showing you, Cultsd3d also protects copyright in case you didn't know. I already showed my design with an image, you can consult it and you will see that it was not recently published, instead you leave me with records that do not provide veracity since the date is after my design, I already told you, leave the link for customers to see the stolen design, apparently you have a lot of time to spare, so leave the link

Until you send some copyrighted registration number you will always be a thief. Stop telling lie yourself and be a man. Trust yourself little bit and come up with your own creations. If you telling it’s yours show your registration number as I did !

You didn't show the registration number of that design, publish it here Ufuk from Babylon Cutters, go show my clients that I stole this design from you, I want to see the proofs, I want to see the registration date of that design, coward who doesn't even use an account true, you have to cover up in a new and false account to be bothering, better open your eyes and use the Cults3D search engine and put: POLYMER CLAY CUTTERS, you will see your designs and not in my account, they are other than if they have stolen your designs, instead you steal a design from me and do not show proof, where is the record? I reported you on Etsy because you used my design, you didn't present the registration and neither here. So get on with your frustrated salesman frustration with other people and not me.

I already write register number. So anybody can go and check anytime. Everyone knows you are a thief among the real creators. What makes you so afraid to sharing your registration numbers ? Still waiting your registration number. You are really pathetic 👋

It doesn't matter what you say, I leave the test images above, where my clients can see the original design, registered in Cults3d, it has a release date and time, on the other hand, you do not prove in any way that you did this design of hearts , the record that you published here is of another design, which by the way is not published, deign to show your record of the heart cutter, you do not do it because you know that from the moment you do it, it is revealed who the thief is, they are pathetic your tantrums and posts here, I did not create a fake account to attack anyone, I do not use such low-profile methods as the ones you use, see you soon UFUK, use the legal route and not your messages where you do not prove anything, the images and records of published designs.

This seller unfortunately sells Copyrighted files belonging to someone else's. I'm one of them...Even though I send him the copyright number he still keeps continues to sell without my permission. Just does not care about real creators. Think twice please before purchasing.

Leave here your copyright registration publicly, shortly I will record how you want to steal my designs by copying them and wanting to say that a design is yours, when in reality it is not, I have proof that I have made the design long before you You, the biggest lie is to say that you sent your registration number, because you never did and I know you won't because you are someone frustrated and without creativity, who only seeks to annoy, continues to sell clothing that as a designer has no future.

This seller unfortunately sells Copyrighted files belonging to someone else's. I'm one of them...Even though I send him the copyright number he still keeps continues to sell without my permission. Just does not care about real creators. Think twice please before purchasing.

Leave here your copyright registration publicly, shortly I will record how you want to steal my designs by copying them and wanting to say that a design is yours, when in reality it is not, I have proof that I have made the design long before you You, the biggest lie is to say that you sent your registration number, because you never did and I know you won't because you are someone frustrated and without creativity, who only seeks to annoy, continues to sell clothing that as a designer has no future.

I recently purchased a clay cutter set and the files will not extract, it says error Path too long.

Hello! Although this is a problem with your computer system that we do not support because it has nothing to do with our designs, we advise you to disable the 260-character path limit in local group policies.

You can enable it from the registry
Run "regedit.exe" from the Windows search bar, or from the Win+R window, and navigate to the following directory:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > FileSystem
Here we need to look for the value “LongPathsEnabled”. In case it does not exist, we will have to create it as a new 32-bit DWORD value. When we have done it, we will assign the value LongPathsEnabled “1” and click on OK so that the changes are applied to the system.

Geometic Style Polymer Clay Cutter

We close the registry, restart the computer and that's it. From now on, the 260 character restriction will be gone.


Please can you confirm the license attached to this file and if it can be printed for commercial use without attribution


Hello! Like all commercially licensed work, we do not allow someone to take over our work and claim it as their own and say or make it appear that they are the one who designed it, we allow them to print and sell the already printed cutters and rollers, but in no way This gives authorization for the client to claim the designs as their own or share the files. We hope that clears your doubts, in Cults you will find a broader definition of copyright, the sole purchase does not authorize anyone to take ownership of our work

Hello! love your work : )

will you be making a Christmas set for clay studs?

Hello! Yes, soon it will be in our store

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Hi! I bought one of the yours arquivos but when I try to get it the file say has some error. Please can you help me?

Hello Antoniela, can you tell me which design is specific, because I have several registered in your name. If you can send me a message to my email:
When I have your message I will proceed to solve it

Yes because I like your job. The design is triangule maison

Sorry, triangle mason

We reviewed the files in 3 Slicer to test if it gives an error, but we did not get errors in any of them, if you can please give me more description: Printer you use-Slicer, if possible if you attach an image of the error. This helps us to know where to start and solve the error.
I attach an image of how they look in the Slicer
Geometic Style Polymer Clay Cutter

Hey! Yesterday was saying the file is unknown but today I tried again and everything is fine. Thank you so much

Hi, I am sorry to be a pest. I recently purchased one of the rollers from you. I will start off by saying that I am new to 3D printing so please bare with me. I tried printing this roller after splicing it using Creality. My problem is that my 3D printer is trying to print the roller in mid air. Do you know what the cause of this could be? I really want to get this figued out because I love your creations and will be purchasing many if I can figure out this problem. Thank you for your time.

Hello! Thank you very much for your purchases.
As for what it prints in the air, it may be that you have the G-Code wrong.
What slicer do you use, the one from Creality?
Have you leveled the printer well?
By the way, tell me what printer model you use, the type of filament, or the program to prepare the G-Code.

We can also maintain the conversation by whatsapp chat, we respond instantly:
or if you want write to my email:

Yes I am using the Creality Slicer 4.8. How do I fix the G-Code? I have done the auto leveler on the printer but that doesn't seem to help. I have an Ender 3D Printer, I do apologize because I can't find the model. Do you know if there's somewhere I can find help for this? Like Youtube or something? I'm so lost

We recommend this channel:
It is in Spanish, it activates the English subtitles, practically all the usual printing problems are listed here, I would also advise you to try another Slicer that is easier to use, such as SLICER CURA, you can print the rollers with the default settings, from a medium quality to maximum quality.

I tried Cura and I believe it is working, thanks.

Th bottom of the rectangle with an arch is missing a side wall on the bottom of the arch making it unprintable can you please repair this so I can get the updated file

Hello, thanks for your purchases and for letting me know about that wall error, we have already solved it and you must have received a message to your email associated with your cults account where the download link is, any other inconvenience write to me at

Geometic Style Polymer Clay Cutter

greetings! I am having difficulties printing some of the clay cutters i purchased from you. they keep printing solid. what setting might I be messing up?

Hello! Thank you for writing to us, we have only 1 purchase of cutters in your name:

And a single roller purchase in your name:

Can you please tell me exactly which one is causing you problems, we need more information to help you, such as: slicer you use, type of printer, the configuration you currently use.
Write me to any of these 2 emails: or

Our cutters have been tested, I leave you the links so you can see the image of how it looks in the slicer, the slicer does not indicate problems:

Our roller:

In general, stop harassing entrepreneurs who say they have copied her, her designs are generic, creator of vector-based applications and still wants credit for the creations made by God, asks for intellectual property for silhouettes of plants that she copied, she is given the opportunity to present where the intellectual property records are and she never presents anything, honestly she has no imagination or good taste and the evidence eats away at her

Hello, I fall in love with your clay rollers! hehe is it possible to sell the printed version? thank you

Hi, I love your designs❤️ I just noticed the new starfish and she'll set have a seahorse file instead of the actual files. Thankyou 🥰

Hi KIMCOOPER-BARRETT! Thank you for your purchases, we keep updating our designs and sometimes we add more elements so that the set is complete, we will be uploading other seafood to the package. We hope it will be useful to you, we always accept suggestions

Thankyou ❤️💕 keep up the great work

Buenos días, he comprado varios cortadores ayer, pero tengo dudas respecto a los tamaños, pones que hay estas medidas: 35mm - 40mm - 45mm y 50mm pero al imprimir y usar el cortador no corresponden las medidas con estas. Entiendo que el tamaño es con la parte de arriba y la parte de abajo en este modelo?

Me gustaría saber mejor que es lo que mide eso, la parte más ancha del cortador o el diseño final cortado?


Hola Vinkudeiro, gracias por tus compras, nosotros tomamos en cuanta los las 2 partes para que la medida sea la que ponemos en la descripción. En el caso de Model 82 Petit Feuille sucede así como lo acabamos de explicar, acabamos de actualizar la imagen de portada del producto, claramente las medidas van a diferir ya sea porque antes de imprimir se escale, también por el tamaño de la argolla que las una. te dejo el enlace para que puedas ver la imagen: