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Hello, berhane971

IAR 306b helicopter with internal structure!

Hello, berhane971,

Do you say the IAR 306b helicopter file is damaged or does not exist? You want me to pay you back? You downloaded all the files, and you asked me to pay you back? I have verified that my IAR 306b helicopter file is not damaged and does not exist as you said. I have verified that it can be opened and is not damaged. I suspect that you maliciously refund money to cheat my model file. How can you do this?

Hello, I'm glad to receive your message. You said that the file of iar306b helicopter is damaged or does not exist? You have downloaded it. How do you say that the file is damaged? I suspect you have malicious intention. You send the file to me to see if it is damaged!

the IAR 306B helicopter file is corrupted or does not exist. Please give me my money back and verify your files are correct, unless ......

Hello, I'm glad to hear from you that you can use the material magic software to repair several holes in the port and starboard upper cover.

Hi I recently bought the Gato submarine and I was hoping that it might be suitable for 3D printing. Have you done any work in this regard as the model is massively non manifold and is being very uncooperative to repair ... 11.6k non-manifold edges, 23.2k intersecting faces and 678 zero faces. I've gotten it to a point to where it would be printable, but It's put faces over the holes along the port and starboard rectangular holes. When I look at the obj, it's also this way Any ideas?

Best regards



I have emailed you at as well.

I have client that is interested in this model:

Would you be open to creating a variant of the model?

We are looking for this model of the python to be about 6 inches or 150mm long with the body of python spiraling up a bamboo shaft. The head can be be in the same position you have here. We are looking for it to have the appearance of a staff with the python coiled around the staff.

The intent is to 3D print the model.

We are creating a concept for a company promotional and would like to know what the fee would be for licensing the updated model for this use.

Michael Brandonisio

If you have any questions, please leave a message

Hello, my friend, my model is correct! Please download it again.

Al descargar el archivo y abrirlo , dice que está dañado.

favor reparar y enviarlo