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I downloaded the Giant Pen 3.0 and the little piece that slides into the pencil holder and holds the rubber band is missing. The picture features 10 pieces and there are only 9 files in the folder. Would you be able to verify? Thanks a lot!

My bad. I've added the part. Thanks for the heads up.

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Awesome, thank you!

The jar file is a solid object! the STL file and Cura are both showing solid jar.

It's solid because it needs to be printed in vase mode.

I bought and printed the giant pen 1.0. No matter what orientation or filament type, i break the clicker part with very little loose. I saw there are now other versions of the pen, but they re separate files? i would have to buy new files to fix the problem?

Sorry to hear that. The clicker is preferably to be printed in PETG as it needs to bend. Try printing it slower with higher temperature for more layer adhesion and increase wall thickness. Cut the model on the tab only for testing to save filament. I will update the tab on the clicker with variations of thin and thick tabs.

The other versions of the pen are actually a totally different kind of pen and is not compatible with each other.

Just printed your Briefcase and it's AWESOME. I would like to fill it with fake money but can't figure out the scale. 1/6 seems too small and I am not good at math. What is the scale of the briefcase? I want to fill this with fake money and present it at meetings as a gag. Thanks much!

Thanks for the download. I designed the briefcase without referencing any real briefcase so no exact scale number I can give. However for the paper money in the video, I used an interpolation of the width of the paper money to make it fit inside the briefcase which is approximately 1/5.55 scale which is almost the same scale as yours. But this scale can be used only for 100 usd bills. I'd suggest you to trial and error with the scaling if you don't want to make calculations.

Awesome! thanks so much! Of course 100 USD :) I was also thinking of some gold bars that I could print in gold silk PLA or even regular that I could spray paint. Perhaps you could offer a gold bar case upgrade for the briefcase we could purchase.

That's a brilliant idea! I'll think about it.

just a quick one, how do you get the lock hinges to stay in, i open mine and it all falls apart


I believe you are referring to the battery case ammo. The solution is to scale up the lever connector by 0.5-1% (different printer have different tolerances so trial and error is needed, also it's just a quick print). It should click in place.

thankyou for the assist, i am new to printing so auto presume everything is the same, i'll reprint at larger size till i get a snug fit. thankyou and love the print.

No problem. Thank you for downloading and happy printing!

Hi @fedeher2010. Unfortunately i can't find any blade in stock from amazon, however i've updated the site for aliexpress but i'm not sure about the shipping though.

One alternative for the blade is to use a soda can. Cut a long strip and fold it to fit inside the insert. Then cut small triangles at the edge. Note that the triangles need to be stiff enough to withstand the pulling force. The objective is to have at least one strong pointy edge to start the tear.

hi iam from mexico i just bougth your vhs dispenser tape model, it came out perfect the only problem is the blade is out of stock. do ypu have any idea how can be replace