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Hi Darren, What material do you recommend printing in? I just tried PLA and the bar broke right at the recess where it dips down to accept the right angle fence. also the snaps that hold the right angle fence broke without too much force.

Hi Darren. Just bought the 1/4" model. One small issue, the Quarter inch centre finder Bar.stl file contains both objects and the bracket is intefering with placement of the bar on the bed. Can you post just the stl for the bar without the bracket?

Hi, I have just uploaded a new model of the Bar without the bracket.

what are the dimensions of the gauge? I want to make sure it will fit on the bed of my 3d printer! BTW which printer do you use?

Hi Darren,
If you can do them in gold that would be great. Please email me on and we can work out the payment details, address etc.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

I just watched your video on YouTube. I don't ha e a 3D printer. How much for you to make two and send them to Sydney?

Hi, I could make you a couple in PLA and post them over for $35 including the postage and packaging (Aust Post). I can do red, green, blue or gold.

Hi. I tried to print it in PLA. But the click on part of the rod broke. What material do you recommend?

hola un muy buen trabajo me ha servido muchisimo, te pregunto guías para hacer encastres para cualquier ruoter. GRACIAS

Hi Julian, You are welcome. Unfortunately I only know a tiny bit of Spanish, and was't able to translate "encastres".