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Hey thanks for sharing... How do I get the parts to finish building

Je me suis lancé dans l’impression du truggy 1/10 que vous avez réalisé. Beau travail est merci pour le partage.
Pour les amortisseurs avant et arrière quelle taille je dois prendre.
Et pour les driveshaft je dois prendre quoi? Moteur et lipo.
Merci pour le coup de main

For you dart holder would you be willing to design one with a different team name?


I noticed that you've a couple Volvo 145 parts here. I'm starting a 3D printed part marketplace for Volvo parts called Printbrick (, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in listing your parts to sell on the site? This is in the every early stages of launching, so it would be awesome to get you on board early in you're interested. If you're not interested, would you be open to letting another seller use your design?


comment faire pour la faire fonctionner svp ?
Merci d'avance
bonne journée

hello can i ask help for gopro mount

Hello mister NOREE,
I am a student from Polytechnical School of Algiers, Actually I am in my forth year of innovation management engeneer. Congratulations for all your great works, I am verry interested about the wrench V2, I would like to have the .SLDPRT file if you have it or any file but .STL.

hello Who will do the 3d printer rc body drawing?