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Hi, a bit of your stuff has been pulled down including some stuff that I bought. is there anywhere I can get these now?

can you send a link for the jump pack squad plz

Is there anywhere to still get the Night Lord stuff? I was able to snag a set but not all of the ones I was hoping to get. You have some serious talent.

What happened to your cenobium file?
do you still have it hidden away elsewhere or is it gone?

Hey, I saw on instagram some of your sculpts for "gloomy Angel" terminators

Is there anyway or anywhere I can het these files 🤞

Hey mate, how do we access files paid for but no longer available on cults?

Hey, all of the files you purchased can still be accessed on your cults profile. You go to your Downloads tab, find the purchase in the list and then click "Download" on the right end of the listing. Not the link for the listing, but the download button

Ello mate, are the Night Raptor models you created ready as is (scale wise) for the new HH stuff? or do they need to be resized?

No longer able to download cenobium knights :(

is it posable to get the extra bits for the night raptor jetpacks to make them in to night talons ?

Hi, I love your work, do you still have the Cantankerous Tartarus Destroyers model? I'm starting a new Night Lords army, and would love to use them? Thank you very much.


Hello Damsa, I was wondering if you still had any plans about designing that Variel mini we talked about a while ago.

Hey, I'm looking for the CANTANKEROUS TARTARUS DESTROYERS files, do you still sell them?


Hi, do you have any idea when the files for the Horusian reavers will be available again? Absolutely fantastic sculpts that I would love to get my hands on


Hey by chance is there a reupload for the Knights Cenobium model?


hello, do you have DA prime bodies without the robes??

Hey I was wondering what size i need to print Luc to make it properly fit on a 40mm base

hi sorry i would like to have a refund i did not mean to buy a file from you so please can i have a refund

I have put in a refund request with Cults for your purchase

how do i accept the request

It's a request to Cults for them to give you a refund. Should be resolved in a day or two

I love your phoenix spears and can't seem to find them! Are they available some where?

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Are the NL terminators not available anymore?

Curious to ask if you do commissions by chance?

Were can I find the Cenobites? :(


Hey I have the reaver file you used to sell, and I was wondering what you recommend scaling down the kit down to be MK4 plastic size and what would you scale it to to be similar to mk7?

Looking for your BA chonky boys :)

do you have shoulder pads for the prime bois??

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