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Hi Dadddy, I have found your drone model 915F, thats really look great !
I am looking forward to try it out.
Can you tell me what motor and electronics you would advise ?
Thanks !

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Hola buenos días, lamento molestarlo, tengo un problema que al quererlo imprimir el archivo las piezas son demasiado chicas y no se qué medida tendrían que tener cada una, por casualidad usted sabrá? Desde ya muchas gracias y espero si respuesta att:Alex

where is the base plate

hi do you have the rest of the asl alphabet?

where is the bottom plate for the 915f quadcopter? where can i find it?

Hi. I just downloaded your Quadcopter 915F, but there was only the arm and top plate, but no lower plate in the .zip file. What do I need to do to get the lower plate? Thank you.

Bonjour, j ai commencé le quadracoptère 915F mais où trouver le fichier de la platine inférieure et où avoir les informations des moteurs et électronique à utiliser ? 🙄 Merci